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  1. Endocrine Glands
  2. Dendrites
  3. Endocrine System
  4. Systemic Circulation
  5. Thyroid Gland
  1. a Controls how quickly the body burns energy.
  2. b Group of specialized glands that affect the growth, development, sexual activities, and health of the entire body.
  3. c Nerve fibers extending from the nerve cell that receive impluses from other neurons.
  4. d Release secretions called hormones directly into the bloodstream, which in turn influence the welfare of the entire body. Also known as ductless glands.
  5. e Carries the oxygenated blood from the heart throughout the body and ack to the heart again.

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  1. The largest of the cranial nerves. Chief sensory nerve of the face, and it serves as the motor nerve of the muscles that control chewing. Consists of three branches.
  2. Blood plasma found in the spaces between tissue cells.
  3. Primary structured unit of the nervous system. Is composed of a cell body and nucleus.
  4. Supplies blood to the lower region of the face, mouth and nose. Also know as external maxillary artery.
  5. The heart is enclosed by this membrane.

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  1. Posterior Auricular NerveAffects the muscles behind the ear at the base of the skull.


  2. Nervous SystemExceptionally well-organized system that is responsible for coordinating all the many activities that are performed by the body.


  3. Circulatory SystemConsists of the heart, arteries, veins, and capillaries for the distribution of the blood throughout the body.


  4. NervesWhitish cords, made up of bundles of nerve fibers held together by connective tissue, through which impluses are transmitted.


  5. Mitral ValveAffects the side of the neck and the platysma muscle.


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