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  1. Frontal Artery
  2. Posterior Auricular Artery
  3. Fifth Cranial Nerve
  4. Lymph
  5. Trigeminal Nerve (V)
  1. a Contains sensory fibers that relay signals from the head, face, and teeth. (Chewing muscles). The branches are known as opthalmic, mazillary, and mandibular.
  2. b Supplies blood to the forehead and upper eyelids.
  3. c Supplies the scalp, the area behind and about the ear, and the skin behind the ear.
  4. d The largest of the cranial nerves. Chief sensory nerve of the face, and it serves as the motor nerve of the muscles that control chewing. Consists of three branches.
  5. e Clear, yellowish fluid that circulates the lymph spaces of the body; carries waste and impurities away from the cells.

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  1. Controls the steady circulation of the blood through the body by means of the heart and blood vessels. Also known as cardiovascular system or vascular system.
  2. Type of motor nerve that controls the motion of the neck and shoulder muscles. Also known as the accessory nerve.
  3. Affects the muscles of the chin and lowe lip
  4. Supplies blood to the lower region of the face, mouth and nose. Also know as external maxillary artery.
  5. Release secretions called hormones directly into the bloodstream, which in turn influence the welfare of the entire body. Also known as ductless glands.

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  1. AxonSends impluses away from the cell body to other neurons, glands, or muscles.


  2. AortaOften referred to as the bodys pump. Muscular, cone-shaped organ that keeps the blood moving within the circulatory system.


  3. PancreasSecretes enzyme-producing cells that are responsible for digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Cells within the control insulin and glucagon production.


  4. NeuronPrimary structured unit of the nervous system. Is composed of a cell body and nucleus.


  5. BloodNurtritive fluid circulating through the circulatory system and is considered connective tissue. There are 8-10 pints.