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Louisiana Purchase

Key vocab/dates/important people/events of the Louisiana Purchase
Who was the president at the time of the purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
Thomas Jefferson
This was known as the biggest real estate deal for the United States.
Louisiana Purchase
What key word/s indicates the size of the United States after purchasing the Louisiana territory?
Doubled in size
Who owns this territory before the United States purchases it?
Who is the ruler or emperor of France?
Napolean Bonaparte
What was an important city and port in Louisiana that we needed?
New Orleans
What year did the Louisiana Purchase take place
How much did the United States pay for the Louisiana territory?
$15 million
How much did we pay per acre?
three to four cents an acre
This territory was approximately how big?
828,000 square miles
This area stretched from what river in the east?
Mississippi River
The Louisiana territory stretched from the Mississippi River in the east to what in the west?
Rocky Mountains
The Louisiana territory stretched from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west to the what in the south________ and to what in the north ____________?
Gulf of Mexico in the south
Canadian border in the north
This territory eventually became how many new states?
Who did this territory belong to before France?
Napolean persuaded the Spanish to sign the secret Treaty of San Ildefonso and tranfer the land back to whom?
What did the farmer and business man depend on for getting their goods/crops to other places.
The Mississippi River
Why was the Port of New Orleans so important to the country?
For importing and exporting of goods/money
Why did Napolean Bonaparte decide to sell the Louisiana territory?
war debt expenses he was going to have with Great Britain
Who did Napolean not want to get this land?
Great Britain
Thomas Jefferson offers to buy the New Orleans and a tract of land on the Gulf of Mexico for how much?
$10 million
What did not allow for the president to be able to purchase land?
United States Constitution
Who finally gives the president the go ahead to purchase this territory?
The United States Secretary at the time of the Louisiana Purchase was whom?
James Madison
What is an agreement or arrangement made by negotiation between two or more states or rulers?
France gave Louisiana territory to
Spain in which treaty?
Treaty of Paris
The Louisiana Purchase provided what for the United States?
American expansion/trade/industry/farming
Acquiring this territory moved the country in what direction?
The signing of this treaty for obtaining the huge area of land expanded the national territory from
"from sea to shining sea"
This territory was mainly _________.
unexplored wilderness