33 terms

Act 2 Romeo and Juliet Quiz

showing inventiveness and skill
morally responsible
having superior power and influence
lacking grade in movement or posture
an extended comparison showing the similarities between two things
ex.: Juliet's comparison of a rose and Romeo in her soliloquy
language that appeals to any sense (sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell) or any combination of senses
literary technique that portrays differences between appearance and sense of reality
ex: (dramatic irony, situational irony, verbal irony)
dramatic irony
a contrast between what audience perceive s and what a character does NOT know
ex: when the audience or the reader knows something that the actor doesn't know
situational irony
a contrat between what is expected and what really happens
ex.: Juliet's father expects Juliet to find her future husband which he thought was Paris which turned out to be Romeo.
verbal irony
a contrast between what is said and what is meant.
a long, uninterpreted speech presented in front of characters
a figure of speech that combines apparentel contradictory terms
ex: "sweet sorrow", "loving hate", "jumbo shrimp"
a figure of speech in which an animal, object, natural force or idea is given a personality and described as human
ex: When Romeo first sees Juliet
a speech in which a character is is alone on stage and expresses thoughts out loud
ex: Friar Lawrence first part in Act 2 Scene 3
What does Mercutio say about "blind love"
He's saying we often fall in love with the wrong person.
When Juliet appears on her balcony, what does Romeo compare her to?
the sun
How does Juliet "speak, yet... [say] nothing"
Romeo cannot hear her speak.
When Juliet leans her cheek on her hand, what does Romeo say?
He says he wants to be the glove on her hand.
Unaware of his presence, what does Juliet ask Romeo to say?
She asks him to change his name so they can be together.
In a sentence or two, explain what Juliet says about names.
They are just a title and don't matter much.
Juliet asks how Romeo got into her place. The orchard walls are high, and Romeo's life would be in danger in her relatives were to find him there. What is Romeo's response to these questions?
Romeo says it is to dark for them to see him but even if they did he would rather die with her love then without it.
Why is Juliet embarrassed?
Romeo overheard her talking about him.
Juliet is going to send someone to Romeo on the following day for what purpose?
So they can get married. Sends nurse to find out when and where Romeo wants to meet her.
What has Friar Lawrence been out gathering in his basket?
He's been collecting herb, flowers, plants that derive from natural remedies.
Explain lines 21-22: "Virtue itself and turns vice, being misapplied,/ And vice sometime by action dignified?
The Friar is saying that all things have the potential for both help and for harm (virtue and vice). His soliloquy is while he is picking herbs for his potions, but the properties do not relate strictly to plants. No matter what good qualities something (or someone) possesses, if they are misused for any reason, the result may be more harmful than helpful.
What does Friar Laurence sees Romeo, what comment does the Friar make about seeing Romeo so early in the morning?
That he's either been upset by something, or that he wasn't home in his bed last night.
What does Friar Laurence mean when he says to Romeo "Young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts but in their eyes"?
That young men like Romeo don't ACTUALLY love girls like Juliet but are in lust with them.
Friar Laurence agrees to perform the marriage ceremony for Romeo and Juliet for what reason?
He thinks it will end the feud between the two families.
According to Mercutio what kind of man is Tybalt?
An immortal fake who would stab you when your back is turned.
How is Juliet to arrange to meet Romeo?
She and Nurse will hide behind the Abby wall, and one of Romeo's men will come get them
The nurse is supposed to be gone for only a half an hour, but she is actually gone for how long?
She is gone for 3 long hours (from 9-12).
What is it about the nurse's behaving that is frustrating to Juliet?
The nurse is acting like she is tired and in pain, so therefore she cannot tell Juliet what Romeo said.
What does Friar Laurence mean when he says, "Therefore, love moderately;long love doth so"?
He's saying that if Romeo loves Juliet too much, then it will die. As in, too much of a good thing will make it not so good. He is also saying that a violent love will end in a violent separation.