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  1. caucus
  2. curtail
  3. wane
  4. gossamer
  5. tether
  1. a a meeting of the members of a political party to make decisions
  2. b to truncate or abridge; to lessen, usually by cutting away from
  3. c a rope or chain that allows limited movement; the limit of one's resources
  4. d to decrease gradually
  5. e sheer, gauzy, delicate, flimsy

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  1. to give bodily form to; to personify; to make part of a system
  2. to accumulate for future use; stockpile
  3. to pass or go by (said of time)
  4. hard, difficult, tiresome
  5. to express sorrow or regret

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  1. austereto collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination


  2. cacophonyharsh sounds


  3. connoisseuran expert in matters of taste


  4. misanthropyto wither away


  5. irascibleeasily taught or controlled; obedient, easy to handle