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  1. claimant
  2. atrophy
  3. dulcet
  4. histrionic
  5. antecedent
  1. a a person making a claim
  2. b going before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another
  3. c overly dramatic
  4. d to wither away
  5. e melodious, soft, soothing

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  1. the violent overthrow of a government by a small group; a victorious accomplishment
  2. easily angered, irritable
  3. a style of art using geometric shapes
  4. to collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination
  5. a light-headed sensation, dizzy

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  1. embodyto give bodily form to; to personify; to make part of a system


  2. quixoticbrief, using few words


  3. consensuspleasant to be around; social, agreeable


  4. mirageto search or hunt for food and provision


  5. generalizegeneral rather than specific; to form a general conclusion