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  1. guise
  2. blather
  3. disperse
  4. gird
  5. aloof
  1. a to talk nonsensically
  2. b to encircle as with a belt; to prepare as for action
  3. c appearance, semblance
  4. d to scatter in various directions; distribute widely
  5. e reserved, distant

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  1. unfeeling, insensitive
  2. to carry on, put up with
  3. a style of art using geometric shapes
  4. a light-headed sensation, dizzy
  5. mood, feeling, general atmosphere

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  1. pillageto put in a rage


  2. citadella fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold


  3. defameto libel or slander; take away a good name


  4. consensusa circle of close friends


  5. quixoticidealistic and totally impractical