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  1. sundry
  2. alienate
  3. insouciant
  4. consensus
  5. elapse
  1. a to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged
  2. b general agreement
  3. c various, several miscellaneous
  4. d to pass or go by (said of time)
  5. e calm and carefree; lighthearted

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  1. a defensive wall
  2. sheer, gauzy, delicate, flimsy
  3. to express sorrow or regret
  4. the quality of being everywhere (or seeming to) at the same time
  5. roving, wandering, nomadic

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  1. deftdexterous, skillful


  2. myriadan extremely large number


  3. coupthe violent overthrow of a government by a small group; a victorious accomplishment


  4. gluttonto understand fully; to penetrate the meaning of


  5. bludgeonshort heavy club


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