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  1. precarious
  2. elfin
  3. alienate
  4. hoard
  5. erudite
  1. a to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged
  2. b deeply learned, scholarly
  3. c to accumulate for future use; stockpile
  4. d small and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike
  5. e unsafe, unsteady, unstable

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  1. calm and carefree; lighthearted
  2. occurring at a good time
  3. idealistic and totally impractical
  4. going before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another
  5. brief, using few words

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  1. coteriedepressing, gloomy, dark


  2. bludgeonto rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils


  3. dromedarya one humped domesticated camel


  4. prowessexceptional skill and bravery


  5. atrophyto understand fully; to penetrate the meaning of