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  1. truncate
  2. quixotic
  3. muster
  4. cubism
  5. precarious
  1. a unsafe, unsteady, unstable
  2. b to collect or gather; the act of inspection or critical examination
  3. c to shorten by cutting off
  4. d idealistic and totally impractical
  5. e a style of art using geometric shapes

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  1. unreal reflection; an optical illusion
  2. to put in a rage
  3. to libel or slander; take away a good name
  4. to pass or go by (said of time)
  5. a turning or twisting force

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  1. evadeto decrease gradually


  2. inciteto arouse to action


  3. claimanta worker skilled in a craft


  4. atrophyreserved, distant


  5. scrutinizeto look very carefully; to examine