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  1. blather
  2. amenable
  3. citadell
  4. evade
  5. cubism
  1. a a style of art using geometric shapes
  2. b a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold
  3. c agreeable, responsible to authority, pleasant, willing to give in to the wishes of another
  4. d to elude or avoid
  5. e to talk nonsensically

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  1. to surround, harass
  2. to make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged
  3. to tease, annoy, harass persistently
  4. a one humped domesticated camel
  5. a light-headed sensation, dizzy

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  1. artisana worker skilled in a craft


  2. truncateto shorten by cutting off


  3. countenancepleasant to be around; social, agreeable


  4. generalizegeneral rather than specific; to form a general conclusion


  5. cerebralof or relating to the brain