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  1. laconic
  2. wane
  3. caucus
  4. docile
  5. curvilinear
  1. a formed, bound, or characterized by curved lines
  2. b to decrease gradually
  3. c a meeting of the members of a political party to make decisions
  4. d easily taught or controlled; obedient, easy to handle
  5. e brief, using few words

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  1. a deep opening in the earth's surface; a gorge; differences of opinion or interests
  2. a person's face, especially the expression
  3. to truncate or abridge; to lessen, usually by cutting away from
  4. sheer, gauzy, delicate, flimsy
  5. a turning or twisting force

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  1. cacophonyharsh sounds


  2. opportuneto search or hunt for food and provision


  3. elapseto pass or go by (said of time)


  4. truncateto arouse to action


  5. congenialgeneral agreement


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