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  1. myriad
  2. precarious
  3. artisan
  4. wane
  5. dromedary
  1. a unsafe, unsteady, unstable
  2. b a worker skilled in a craft
  3. c an extremely large number
  4. d to decrease gradually
  5. e a one humped domesticated camel

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  1. to remove; to delete
  2. distance around something
  3. an incorrect or inappropriate name
  4. a period or condition of depression or inactivity
  5. stern, as in manner; without excess

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  1. astutesomething one hopes to achieve; goal


  2. scrutinizeto look very carefully; to examine


  3. criteriona standard or rule by which something can be judged, a basis for judgment


  4. callousunfeeling, insensitive


  5. torquea turning or twisting force