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  1. accolade
  2. pillage
  3. entice
  4. verbatim
  5. wane
  1. a using exactly the same words, word for word
  2. b to rob of goods by violent seizure, plunder; to take as spoils
  3. c to lure, to attract, to tempt in a pleasing fashion
  4. d award of merit; strong praise and approval
  5. e to decrease gradually

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  1. to talk nonsensically
  2. to give bodily form to; to personify; to make part of a system
  3. quick in discernment; shrewd, clever, keen
  4. a worker skilled in a craft
  5. a light-headed sensation, dizzy

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  1. cerebralof or relating to the brain


  2. cubisma style of art using geometric shapes


  3. coteriea circle of close friends


  4. musterinto separate parts


  5. dispersestern, as in manner; without excess