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  1. verbatim
  2. precarious
  3. histrionic
  4. quixotic
  5. efface
  1. a using exactly the same words, word for word
  2. b unsafe, unsteady, unstable
  3. c overly dramatic
  4. d -to rub away
  5. e idealistic and totally impractical

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  1. to accumulate for future use; stockpile
  2. deeply learned, scholarly
  3. unfeeling, insensitive
  4. to truncate or abridge; to lessen, usually by cutting away from
  5. a period or condition of depression or inactivity

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  1. forsaketo abandon, to give up, to renounce


  2. alienateto make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged


  3. ambiancemood, feeling, general atmosphere


  4. insouciantgoing before; preceding; an occurrence or event preceding another


  5. scrutinizea circle of close friends


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