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  1. migratory
  2. elfin
  3. generalize
  4. expunge
  5. disperse
  1. a roving, wandering, nomadic
  2. b small and sprightly; mischievous, fairylike
  3. c general rather than specific; to form a general conclusion
  4. d to remove; to delete
  5. e to scatter in various directions; distribute widely

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  1. award of merit; strong praise and approval
  2. depressing, gloomy, dark
  3. to put in a rage
  4. a person making a claim
  5. to look very carefully; to examine

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  1. laconicto decrease gradually


  2. curvilineara tranquil-, secluded place


  3. procrastinateto make hostile; to cause to feel unwelcome or estranged


  4. dulcetmelodious, soft, soothing


  5. docileeasily taught or controlled; obedient, easy to handle