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  1. Gregorian Chant
  2. Chapter House
  3. Infirmary
  4. Refectory (dining room)
  5. Icons
  1. a Where sick members of the community and outsiders were cared for
  2. b plain chant named after Gregory I
  3. c Food or money were given here to those in need who called at the monastery
  4. d religious image or picture
  5. e The administration building where the community met with the abbot or abbess

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  1. studying, learning, and writing
  2. Accommodation for visitors to the monastery
  3. meeting of official leaders of the Church
  4. monks/nuns live, work, and pray together
  5. Where the monks or nuns slept

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  1. Liturgy of Hours/Divine OfficeHere the community ate their meals while listening to spiritual reading, or in silence


  2. Abbeyreligious image or picture


  3. Leavened/Unleavened Breadadore picture or sacred object


  4. Patriarchinvading German tribes


  5. Lavatorium and the NecessariumWashing facilities and toilets