15 terms

Odyssey Vocabulary 1

communal (adj.)
pertaining to a group or community
covert (adj.)
secret; concealed
ennoble (verb)
to elevate; to rise in rank
ascendancy (noun)
domination; growing power
conciliate (verb)
to reconcile; to pacify; to renew a friendship
enthralling (adj.)
captivating; spellbinding
chaste (adj.)
morally pure
archaic (adj.)
antiquated; old; out of use
blandishment (noun)
divination (noun)
foretelling the future by means of magic
endow (verb)
to provide with income or property; to supply with talent or quality
ardor (noun)
warmth or heat of emotion; extreme force, vigor, or energy
begrudge (verb)
to give reluctantly, to envy a possession, or one's emjoyment
demur (verb)
to hesitate, to delay, to object
bestow (verb)
to grant or give