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Religion Ch.3 Exodus


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Moses' brother
Boy that was put in a basket in the Nile River and was found by the Pharaoh's daughter
Another name for Lord that is spoken out loud
Mount Sinai
Where the Ten Commandments where given to Moses
Ark of the Covenant
Chest described in the Book of Exodus as containing the Tablets of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed
Events brought upon Egypt that were a manifestation of the power of God.
Covenant of Sinai
The Lord proclaims that the people of Israel are the people of God at Sinai
Jewish feast that memorializes the Exodus from Egypt when the Hebrews sacrificed a lamb; smeared the blood on the door and have the angel of death go over the house. If not marked first born animal and son were to die
Name given to the second book of the Bible, which describes the departure of the Israelites from Egypt under the leadership of Moses. Celebrated at Passover as the liberation of the Chosen People
Ruler in Egypt that was holding the Israelites captive
Worship of other beings, creatures, or material beings in a way that is fitting for God alone
Promised Land
Where Joseph wanted to be buried, the land of Canaan first promised to Abraham
Lamb of God
Title referring to Jesus
Ten Commandments; Decalogue
A set of laws responsible for behavior which, were given to Moses by God.
What Israelites depended on as their "daily bread"
Tent of the Meeting
Portable tent where Moses meets God in prayer throughout the journey now known as the tabernacle
Moses' little sister
Sacred name for God meaning "I am who I am" not to be spoken by people
Why were the accounts of the Exodus close to the hearts of the Jews during and after the Babylonian Exile?
The Jews want to remember how they suffered and how they forgot about God until Moses came and freed them from slavery
Name the Ten Plagues
5.Death of cows
10.Death of the first born son
What is the final plague? Explain the significance of its outcome.
The final plague is the Passover. The significance of the Passover is to celebrate how we have been freed by God. Remembrance of what God did for use. For the Israelites blood signified life. The blood from the Paschal Lamb meant that death would passover their house.
What are the Ten Commandments? Give an explanation of their meaning.
1."I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me."Meant there was only one God of the Israelites and they should worship no other-prohibited idolatry
2."You shall not take the Lord's name in vain" Forbids the use of God's name in irreverent ways
3."Keep holy the Sabbath" To keep Saturday as the Sabbath free from worship in honor of God's rest on the seventh day. Sunday for Christians
4."Honor your father and mother"
5."You shall not kill" Prohibits killing and any form or murder also includes slaying with words
6."You shall not commit adultery" Refers to sexual relationship that does not occur within a marriage
7."You shall not steal" Accuses God of treating us inadequately
8.You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor's wife"
9."You shall not covet your neighbor's wife"- Don't begin to have feelings for a married man or women
10."You shall not covet your neighbor's goods" - You can't take your friend's possessions.
In what sense did the Israelites consider the Law as freeing them, not restricting them?
Israelites considered the Law as freeing them because it enabled them to live in freedom and peace with one another. The Israelites also wanted to keep the Commandments because it gave people boundaries
What must the ancient Israelites have been experiencing after their exodus from Egypt? How many years did they wander the desert? Describe their experience.
Once the Israelites left Egypt they were lost. They were wandering for 40 years with just their faith in God. They had to surrender all control and security so they could solely rely on God. They were lost and probably afraid.
Why did the Covenant of Sinai surpass all other covenants in the minds of the biblical editors?
The Covenant of Sinai surpassed all other covenants in the mind of the biblical editors because at Sinai the Lord proclaimed for all time that the people of Israel were the people of God
Provide more detailed information for Authorship of the Book of Exodus: Babylonian Exile
Babylonian Exile: 587-538 B.C
-Foreign land
-Polytheistic culture

The Exodus (Egypt): 1290-1250 B.C

God saved people before and will do it again
Provide more detailed information for Moses: Prince of Egypt
-Originally a Hebrew
-Adopted by Egyptians by his mom putting him in a basket and letting him float down the Nile River
-Discovered by Pharaoh's daughter
-Raised the Prince of Egypt
-Outraged by injustice shown to Hebrew slaves
-Knows he is a Hebrew not Egyptian
-Works undercover as Hebrew slave
-Kills Egyptian slave and moves eastward to Midian
-Meets a priest, married one of his daughters and becomes a shepherd
Provide more detailed information for The Exodus: Freed from Slavery
Provide more detailed information for The Sinai Covenant: An Offering from God
-Moses builds 12 pillar altar
-Young bulls were sacrificed from blood
-Half of the blood splashed on altar to symbolize Lord's presence
-Other half sprinkled on the people as a sign of God's binding love
-The Lord proclaims that the people of Israel are the people of God
-Never to be repeated for Judaism