25 terms

family words and possessive adjectives

practice with possessive adjectives and family words
mi abuela
my grandmother
nuestra abuela
our grandmother
tu abuelo
your grandfather
su primo
his cousin, her cousin, their cousin, your cousin(formal)
sus primos
his cousins, her cousins, their cousins, your cousins(formal)
nuestros padres
our parents
nuestros parientes
our relatives
sus parientes
his relatives, her relatives, their relatives, your relatives(formal)
su hija
his daughter, her daughter, their daughter, your daughter(formal)
tus tíos
your uncles(informal)
mis tías
my aunts
tus hermanos
your brothers, your brothers and sisters (informal)
tu hermana
your sister(informal)
tus padres
your parents(informal
nuestra famila
our family
nuestro hermano
our brother
nuestras hermanas
our sisters
mis nietos
my grandchildren
su nieta
his, her, their, you(formal) grandaughter
nuestros nietos
our grandchildren
nuestros hijos
our children, our sons
nuestras hijas
our daughters
tu madre
your mother(informal)
tus parientes
your relatives(informal)
mis abuelos
my grandparents