18 terms

-er verbs present tense

practice with regular -er verbs and their translations in the present tense
yo aprendo
I learn
tú aprendes
you learn(familiar)
él aprende
he learns
ella aprende
she learns
Ud. aprende
you learn(formal)
nosotros aprendemos
we learn
vosotros aprendéis
you learn(familiar plural in Spain)
ustedes aprenden
you learn(plural)
ellos aprenden
they learn(masculine)
ellas aprenden
they learn(feminine)
yo como
I eat
ella comprende
she understands
nosotros comemos
we eat
ella lee
she reads
nosotros comprendemos
we understand
ustedes comprenden
you understand(plural)
tú haces
you make or you do
nosotros hacemos
we make or we do