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Forming the future using -ir

Practice with using the present tense of -ir to form the future.
Voy a ir a la tienda mañana.
I'm going to go to the store tomorrow.
Ellos van a ir a la ciudad en diciembre.
They're going to go to the city in December.
Manuel va a hablar con la profesora.
Manuel is going to speak to the teacher.
Los estudiantes van a caminar al restaurante.
The students are going to walk to the restaurant.
Los estudiantes van a ir en autobús.
The students are going to go by bus.
Vamos a bailar a la fiesta.
We're going to dance at the party.
Pablo va a cantar con su novia en la calle.
Pablo is going to sing in the street with his girlfriend.
Ustedes van a leer el libro de español ¿verdad?
You're going to read the Spanish book, right?(plural)
Tú vas a comprar mucho en la tienda.
You're going to buy a lot in the store.(singular, familiar)
Las chicas van a nadar a la playa.
The girls are going to go swimming at the beach.
Mis amigos van a comer muchos tacos.
My friends are going to eat a lot of tacos.
Voy a tomar un carro al museo.
I'm going take a car to the museum.
El mesero va a hablar español con nosotros.
The waiter is going to speak Spanish with us.
La fiesta va a estar este sábado.
The party is going to be this Saturday.
Voy a tener quince años la semana próxima.
I'm going to be fifteen years old next week.