15 terms

Questions and answers using the verb -ir

Questions using the prent tense of -ir with translations and some possible answers to the questions.
¿Adónde vas?
Where are you going?
Voy a la escuela.
I'm going to school.
Voy al parque.
I'm going to the park.
¿Adónde va la profesora?
Where is the teacher going?
La profesora va al museo.
The teacher is going to the museum.
¿Adónde van los estudiantes?
Where are the students going?
Los estudiantes van al restaurante.
The students are going to the restaurant.
¿Adónde vamos?
Where are we going?
Vamos a la fiesta.
We're going to the party?
¿Adónde van ustedes?
Where are you going?(plural)
Vamos a la tienda.
We're going o the store.
Vamos a la ciudad.
We're going tothe city.
¿Quién va a la fiesta?
Who is going to the party?
Marta y Carlos van a la fiesta.
Marta and Carlos are going to the party.
Mi amiga va a la fiesta.
My friend is going to the party.