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yo como

I eat, do eat, am eating

tú comes

you(familiar) eat, do eat,are eating

él come

he eats, does eat, is eating

ella come

she eats, does eat, is eating

usted come

you eat, do eat, are eating(formal)

nosotros comemos

we eat, do eat, are eating

vosotros coméis

you eat, do eat, are eating(familiar plural of tú, used in Spain)

ustedes comen

you eat, do eat, are eating(formal plural of usted)

ellos comen

they eat, do eat, are eating(masculine)

ellas comen

they eat, do eat, are eating(feminine)

Norberto y Roberto comen mucho.

Norberto and Rpberto eat a lot.

Manuel y yo no comemos por la mañana.

Manuel and l don't eat in the morning.

Las chicas bonitas comen muy tarde.

The pretty girls are eating late.

14. Emilia y Catalina comen en la clase.

Emilia and Catalina eat in class.

Selena y yo comemos juntas.

Selena and I eat together.

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