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  1. Estoy mucho mejor.
  2. No está aquí.
  3. Hace muy buen tiempo.
  4. Necesito un abrazo.
  5. Te amo tambien.
  1. a I need a hug.
  2. b It's not here.
  3. c I am much better.
  4. d I love you too.
  5. e The weather is very nice.

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  1. At what time? (At what hour?)
  2. More than
  3. How was it?, How did it go?
  4. Hurry up!
  5. The weather is very bad.

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  1. ¡No te creas!What a shame!


  2. polemica


  3. Te amo.I love you.


  4. Tengo [numero] años.
    I have to go to the bathroom.


  5. Abrazoshugs


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