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  1. ¡Apurate!
  2. Vamos a llegar tarde.
  3. Soy de Estados Unidos/ Soy de Gran Bretaña.
  4. Está aqui.
  5. Tengo sed.
  1. a Hurry up!
  2. b I'm from the United States / I'm from Great Britain.
  3. c Here it is.
  4. d We are going to be late.
  5. e I am thirsty.

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  1. What is his/her name?, What is this called?
  2. Very badly.
  3. How was it?, How did it go?
  4. I need a hug.
  5. It's snowing.

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  1. Tengo hambre.I am thirsty.


  2. No está aquí.It's not here.


  3. Recoge la leche de la tienda, por favor.Please pick up milk from the store.


  4. ¿Cuántos años tienes?What time is it?


  5. ¿Se escucha la noticia?
    Did you listen to the news?