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  1. Estoy mucho mejor.
  2. ¿Recibió un café?
  3. No le creo.
  4. ¡Apurate!
  5. El autobús está en camino.
  1. a I am much better.
  2. b The bus is coming.
  3. c Hurry up!
  4. d I don't believe you.
  5. e Did you get a coffee?

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  1. Very badly.
  2. What is his/her name?, What is this called?
  3. It's raining.
  4. It's cool./It's chilly.
  5. Please pick up eggs from the store.

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  1. Tengo mucho calor.I'm very cold.


  2. mesmonth


  3. Hace buen tiempo.The weather is very nice.


  4. paraguasnow


  5. ¡Féliz Cumpleaños!Happy Birthday!