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An excessive desire to acquire and possess wealth; a combination of greed and stinginess.


Extremely eager, anxious, or enthusiastic.


To tease; to annoy with a constant string of petty torments.


a. To puzzle completely. b. To prevent from achieving a goal.


Made stale by constant use or repetition.


a. (adj) Warring, actually engaged in war; warlike or hostile. b. (n) A party (for example, a nation or organization) engaged in a war.


a. Gentle and kindly. b. Wholesome or favorable.


To engage in petty quarreling.


Weird or fantastic.


a. Mild or gentle. (Wen used in this sense, the word is usually neutral in tone.) b. Lacking interest or liveliness; flat. (When used in this sense, the word is distinctly pejorative.)

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