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horse judging test

a problem delivery is called? a parturition b dystocia c amniotic d placenta


a horse that eats too much lush grass or a large quantity of grain is at risk for? a colitis b thrush c navicular syndrome d lamintitis


a horse's hoof has 3 areas when looking at it from the bottom of it. They are called the heels, quarters,and the_____? a sides b ends c bars d toe


a horse that interferes when he/she walks is usually? a splay footed b pigeon toed c post legged d buck kneed


inbreeding is one way used to increase fertility in horses true or false?


energy requirements for horses descried in terms of a digestible energy b gross energy c metabolized energy d net energy

digestible energy

a horse affected by heaves____________? a has difficulty expelling air from the lungs b will recover without treatment c is suitable for heavy work

has difficulty expelling air from the lungs

if you are working with a horse and they start swishing their tail despite the absence of flies, what would their body language indicate? a affection b irritation c boredom d submissiveness


where are a horse's splint bones located? a on the back side of the fetlock b along the side of the cannon bone c on the front side of the hock d behind the coffin bone

along side the cannon bone

what condition of the foot is destruction of the frog by anaerobic bacteria? a laminitis b founder c thrush d absecss


the primary weight-bearing structure of the horse's hoof is the___? a frog b sole c white-line d hoofwall

hoof wall

which of the following is NOT true of the equine digestive system? a horses have an enlarged gallbladder b horses have a relatively small stomach c horses have a one-way valve leading into the stomach d horses can digest fiber through microbial digestions

horses have an enlarged gallblader

a horse that toes out with its front feet tends to swing its feet inward when its legs are in action true or false/


Laminitis and navicular disease syndrome are unsoundness's found in the horse's a knee b pastern c hock d foot


a horse that has permanent central incisors but deciduous lateral and corner incisors is most likely a 1 yr. b 2 yrs. c 3 yrs. d 4 yrs.

3 yrs.

the splay footed horse's front feet deviate from a straight line by swinging to the inside true or false?


ovulation in mares usually occurs? a during diestrus b toward the end of estrus c the first day of estrus d during anestrus

toward the end of estrus

the gene for black coat color is dominate to the gene for brown true or false/


which of the following is NOT true about horse's natural behavior/ a horses are naturally prey animals b horses use fighting as their primary means of survival c horses migrate to follow food sources d horses have a very strong desire to investigate new things

horses use fighting as their primary means of survival

line breeding is a form of? a inbreeding b out-crossing c crossbreeding d unrelated breeding


a horse that stands 15 hands tall is? a 60" tall to top of the withers b 60" tall at the top of the hips c 45" tall at the top of the withers d 45" tall at the top of the hips

60" tall at the top of the withers

a horse is "back at the knee" would be called? a buck kneed b calf kneed

buck kneed

the horse is most fertile when the length of day light is? a longest b shortest c equal in hours of light and darkness


which of the following is NOT a majior cause of lamitis? a over eating of sugars and starches b retained fetal membranes c too much protein in the diet d working routinely on hard ground

to much protein in the diet

which of the following colors of horses is most likely to have skin tumors? a black b gray c sorrel d paint


most horse's need their hooves trimmed and their shoes reset(if shod) every ___ weeks? a 2-4 b 6-8 c 12-14 d 6 months


the trot is? a 2 beat diagonal gait b a 4 beat diagonal gait c a 2 beat lateral gait d a 4 beat lateral gait

a 2 beat diagonal gait

foals should first be wormed when they are? a 1 week b 2 months c 8 months d 1 yr.

2 months

the small bones extending downward along side the cannon bane are called? a splint bones b first and third phalanges c accessory carpal bones

split bones

stallions that are unilateral crypt orchids are? a sterile and cannot be used for breeding b fertile and should be used for breeding c fertile and should not be used for breeding d none of the above

fertile and should not be used for breeding

in English performance classes, which of the following is considered illegal? a double twisted wire mouthpieces b snaffle bit rings that are 6" in diameter c mouthpiece that is 3/4" in diameter d corkscrew mouthpiece

snaffle bit rings that are 6" in diameter

most digestion of fiber takes place in the horse's? a stomach b small intestine c cecum and large colon

cecum and large colon

sand is poor bedding material because? it doesn't absorb moisture b is causes sand colic if ingested c its heavy d all of the above

it doesn't absorb moisture

________ of a horse's genetic make up would be inherited from its parental grand-dam? a 1/4 b /12 c 3/8 d 1/3


when paired genes is said to be homozygous for that gene true or false?


horses become infested with bots by eating grass contaminated with bot larvae true or false?


stomach bots are ___________? a adult parasites b larvae of 3 species of flies c eggs of nematodes d larvae of cestodes

larvae of 3 species of flies

what is vitamin E & selenium used to treat in horses? a blindness b naviculer disease c white muscle disease d bone disorders

white muscle disease

for purposes of showing or racing, a horse's age changes on? a Jan.1st b July 1st c march 1st d the date of its birth

Jan. 1st

bowed tendons are normally found? a on the front cannons b below the hock c in the front pasterns d in the stifle

on the front cannons

all bits with a jointed mouthpieces are snaffle bits true or false?


when giving oral reasons on a class of horses, one should? a mesmerize your notes b visualize the horses

visualize the horses

the normal rectal temperature of a horse at rest is? a 105 degrees f b 98.6 degrees f c 43.8 degrees f d 100.5 degrees f

100.5 degrees f

which disease is transmitted through animal bites, has up to a 2 month incubation period in horses, and causes symptoms ranging from lethargy to aggressiveness? a strangles b tetanus c west Nile virus d rabbies


the most common cause of colic is? a parasites b overheating c malnutrition d moldy feed


horses eyes that are small and close together are called? a bovine eyes b blue eyes c pig eyes d wild eyes

pig eyes

which of the following is true? a legumes are high protein & calcium b grains are high in calcium c legumes are low in calcium

legumes are high in protein and calcium

in showing a western horses, with a curb bit and split reins, the rider should have? a one hand on the reins b both hands on the reins

one hand on the reins

foals are usually weaned at about ____ months of age? a 3 b 5 c 8 d 10


which of the following grains would be less likely to cause colic when fed to a horse? a corn b oats c wheat d milo


a capped hock on a horse is usually? a an unsoundness b a blemish

a blemish

the internal parasite that causes a horse to rub the hair off their tail head is called? a ascurids b pin worms c stomach bots d stragyles

pin worms

on the average, horses need to have their feet trimed & shoes reset about every ___ weeks? a 3 b 6 c 12 d 24


______ is a disease of the horse's foot caused by the horse standing in a dirty stall? a enecphalomyelitis b colic c thrush d founder


in the mature horse, b vitamins are synthesized by microorganisms? a stomach b small intestine c cecum or large intestine d all of the above

cecum or large intestine

a 6 year old horse has ____ permanent incisors? a 3 b 6 c 9 d 12


gestation length in mares is about____days? a 270 b 320 c 340 d 360


in a western ridding class which of the following is NOT permitted? a hack-a-more b spade bit c curb bit d gag bit

gag bit

a horse cantering in a circle to the left should be in the? a left lead b right lead

left lead

the hoof wall grows? a downward from the coronary b outward from coffin bone

downward from the coronary

the majior part of the horse's weight is supported by the hidquarters true or false?


the sharp edges on the horse's molars and premolars are filed smooth by a process called? a filing b rasping c floating d smoothing


in judging western pleasure horses, the most desirable head carriage is? a poll level with the withers b poll 30 degrees above withers c poll 30 degrees below the withers d none of the above

poll level with the withers

the mare has an esstrus cycle that is ____ days in length on the average? a 14 b 21 c 28 d 30


twin pregnancies in horses are desirable because you can produce more foals per year true or false?


the cave-son or nose-band is? a legal for any show horse b used on hunters and jumpers

used on hunters and jumpers

the first premolar which sometimes interferes with the bridle bit is called a? a wolf tooth b canine tooth c hen's tooth

wolf tooth

a stallion reaches puberty around the age of? a 1 yr. b 2 yrs. c 6 months d 3 yrs.

1 yr.

if a reining horse includes an extra maneuver in the pattern he is given? a extra credit b no score c 0 score

0 score

strangles also known as distemper,is characterized by? a colic b profuse diarrhea c lymphnodes abscesses d lameness

lymphnodes abscesses

alternate grazing of cattle and horses will result in better forage utilization true or false?


in trimming the hoof, the hoof knife is used to? a trim off excess hoof wall b trim off excess dead sole c level the hoof d clean out the hoof

trim off excess dead sole

the hoof wall is thickest at? a the toe b the heel

the toe

the 2 patrs of the mares estrus cycle are/ a estrus and diestrus b estrus and anestrus c diestrus and anetsrus

estrus and diestrus

whic of the following is NOT a contagious disease in horses? a heaves b strangles c influenza d viralarteritis


a horse that has excessive angle in the hock when viewed from the side is called? a sickle hock b cow hocked c post legged

sickle hock

in ridng horses with a snaffle bit or hack-a-more the rider has? a one hand on the reins b both hands on the reins

both hands on the reins

an unsoundness more common in horses with sickle hock is? a bowed tendon b curb c ring bone d capped hock


immediate protection against tetanus may be given to horses by administering? a tetanus toxiod b tetanus antitoxin c a killed bacteria

tetanus antitoxin

lameness in horses is usually detected when a horse is being worked at a? a walk b trot c canter d gallop


the fetlock joint is located between the ___ and ___? a long and short pastern bone b cannon and long patern bone c forearm and cannon bone d knee and cannon bone

cannon and long pastern bone

stallions reach maximum production of sperm around? a december b march c july d september


during the normal breeding season, estrus in mares averages_____days in lengt? a 1-2 b 5-7 c 20-22


most of the excess hoof wall is removed when the hoof is trimmed using the? a rasp b nippers c hoofknife d sole knife


a horse that hits the sole off of the front foot with the toe of te hind foot of the same side it is said to be? a scalping b cross firing c shin hitting d forging


an average score in a reining class wouls be? a 20 pts. b 50 pts. c 70 pts. d 100 pts.

70 pts.

the need for high quality protien is greatest for? a lactating mares b gestrating mares c yearlings d weanlings


straw that is left long in length? a absorbs less water tan choped straw b is more dusty than chopped straw c ussually results in more straw being used d none of the above

absorbs less water than chopped straw

in quarter horse classes suc as western riding, snaffle bits are legal for horses? a 2 yrs. and older b 5 yrs. and younger c not used at all d ok for any age horse

5 yrs and younger

in classes where horses jump fences, it is assumed tht the strides of the horses are ____ft. in lenght and distance between fences are based on that figure? a 12 b 6 c 20 d 25


the fal os born with disease immunities because it gets sntbodies through the placenta true or false?


when paired genes are identical, the animal is said to behomozygous for that gene true or false?


horses are best discribed as? a ruminants b carnivors c nonruminant herbivors d none of the above

nonruminant herbivors

the primary source of energy in horse rations are? carbohydrates b fats c proteins d vitamins


horses that are over at the knee injuries than those that are back at the knee true or false?


which of the following is NOT true in regards to AQHA show rules? a when using a romal, no fingers are allowed between reins b a 6 yr. old horse may be shown with a snaffle bit if they have not won a class in that diivision c a curb strapor chain in required for use with a curb bit d you are allowed to alter a horse's tail function or tail carriage by surgical methods

a 6 yr. old horse may be shown with a snaffle bit if they have not won a class in that division

toe and heel clips on shoes are used to? a improve b help hold the shoe in position c add weight to the shoe d all of the above

help hold the shoe in position

mature hay is? a higher in digestible energy content than in mature hay b higher in lignin than immature hay c higher in protein than immature hay d none of the above

higher in lignin than in mature hay

which internal parasite is of greatest concern with newborn foals? a ascarids b small strongyles c thread worms d tape worms

thread worms

which of the following is a draft horse breed? a saddle bred b belgian c arabian d paso fino


the name of the dark line that is present on the upper incissors and is helpful for aging horses over the age of 10 is called? a pulp cavity b galvayne's groove c dental star d incisor cup

galvayne's groove

when selecting hay for horses you look for all the following except? a green in color b leafless c mold free d fine stemmed


what 2 species are mated to produce a mule? a mare and stallion b mare and jack c jenny and stallion d molly mule and john mule

mare and jack

which disease in the horse has swollen and painful lymphnodes of abscesses? a influenza v tetanus c stragels d west Nile


sufolk is a breed of? a ponies b draft horses c dogs

draft horses

most of the horse's weight rests on the? a hoof wall b soles of the feet

hoof wall

traditionally, we lead horses from the right true or false?


a cross between a stallion and mare is called a? a hinny b mule c burro d none of the above

none of the above

horses whose knees are sprung forward are called? a buck kneed b calf kneed c bench kneed d bow legged

buck kneed

the ovarian hormones that control the mare's estrus cycle are? estrogens and progesterns b FSH and LH c testosterone and thyroxin

estrogens and progesterns

you breed the most mares to one stallion by? a AI b hand mating c pasture breeding


a horse that is 64" tall at the top of the withers is? a 14 hands b 15 hands c 16 hands d 17 hands

16 hands

a respitory desease of horses characterized by swollen lymph glands under the jaw is called?a flu b rhinkopn wumonitis c strangles


a hunter horse approaching a fence should? a move at a steady pace b increase in speed as he approaches the fence c slow down as he approaches the fence

move at a steady pace

a respiratory disease of horses that causes swollen lymph nodes around the throat latch area is called? a strangles b rhodococcus c rhinopneumonitis d influenza


in giving reasons for placing a class of horses the terms should be? a comparative b descriptive


the reproductive status of a nonpregnate mare in December is usually? a diestrus b anestrus c estrus


a mature 1200 horse would normally eat about ____lbs. of hay and grain per day? a 5 b 10 c 20 d 40


the "offside" corresponds to the horse's? a left side b right side c opposite side

right side

a horse that is 62" tall would be considered how many hands tall? a 15 b 62 c 15.5 d 15.2


which of the following is true of a horse's vision? a they can see all the way around their body b only have one blind spot behind them c they have only monocular vision d they have binocular and monocular

they have binocular and moncoular

the tarus joint is the? a fetlock b elbow c knee d hock


the primary reason black walnut shavings are not used is because they can cause a horse to develop? a cushings b choke c laminitis d colic


which internal parasite utilizes mites during their life cycle? a small strangles b ascardis c pin worms d tape worms

tape worms

what coat color appears tan or golden? a bay b dun c palomino d buckskin


fertilization of the mare takes place in the? a uterus b Fallopian tube c ovary d cervix

Fallopian tube

what is the exterior opening to the mare's reproductive tract? a vagina b vulva c clitoris d cervix


during foaling how long should it take to deliver the foal after the mare's water breaks? a < 30 min. b 1 hr. c 2 hrs. d 3 hrs.

< 30 min.

you are shaping a horse to flex at the poll. in regards to training shaping means? a physically manipulating a horse's head into a flexed position b rewarding each small movement toward flexing c asking the horse to do something else in hopes the he will flex naturally

rewarding each small movement toward flexing

which of the following is NOT carried or transmitted by external parasites? a west Nile b infectious anemia c stomach bots d tetanus


spermatogenesis usually takes about ___ days? a 18 b 25 c 30 d 65


what part of the horse's body is the major site of nutrient absorption? a large intestine b cecum c stomach d small intestine

small intestine

a horse with a reddish brown body black mane and tail and legs would be a? a sorrel b brown c bay d roan


which horse will have the highest energy requirement? a growing yearlings b pregnant mares c trail riding geldings d lactating mares

lactating mares

the antitoxin form of tetanus gives protection for a year or more true or false?


Caveson(or nose band) is used on a horse shown in? a western pleasure b reining c hunter under saddle

hunter under saddle

when viewed from the side, the angle of the hoof should be? a greater than the angle of the pastern b less than the angle of the pastern c the same as the angle of the pastern

the same as the angle of the pastern

what color is not possible to produce when breeding 2 palominos together? a palomino b cremello c sorrel d buckskin


estrus cycles in mares are usually longer in March than in June true or false?


energy requirements for horses are effected more by? a lactation b gestation


the coggins test is used to determine whether or not a horse is a carrier of? a EIA b rhinopneumonitis c EEE d african horse sickness


draft horses originated in? a Northern Europe b Asia c China d U.S.

Northern Erope

a bowed tendon is usually a more serious injury than a splint true or false?


the least desirable flooring material for horse stalls is? a clay b wood c concrete d asphalt


peak lactation in the mare occurs how many weeks after foaling? a 1-4 b 4-8 c 8-12 d 12-16


horses can gain an active immunity against tetanus by? a ingesting colostrum b receiving a blood transfusion c vaccination d none of the above


the relationship of a horse to its great-grandparents is? a 50% b 25% c 12.5% d 6.25%


the hind gut of the horses is a site of microbial digestion of fibrous feeds into what energy source for the horse?a sugars b volatile fatty acids c cellulose d amino acids

volatile fatty acids

blisters beetles can be fatal to horses i ingested. they are found in/ a clover pastures b fescue grass c alfalfa hay d moldy corn

alfalfa hay

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