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  1. THE "GLORIOUS" or "BLOODLESS" REVOLUTION. Mary (protestant) & her husband William III of Holland replace James II (the Catholic freak).
  2. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Political upheaval of France's absolute monarchy. Feudalism destroyed, new ideas of citizenship and rights. Ends with Execution of king and Marie Antoinette.
  3. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE comes to power (belief is that strong general can hold off royalism and foreign attacks)
  4. BILL OF RIGHTS. Declares Parliment supreme over the crown and guarantees civil liberties.
  5. Jane Austen's father dies.
  6. THE TEST ACT: all civil servants must take communion in an Anglican church and deny belief in transubstantiation.

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  1. 1660THE RESTORATION. James I's son Charles II is brought back to throne. The church of England is reestablished.


  2. 1660-1800AGE OF SATIRE.




  4. 1589A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Shakespeare) is written


  5. 1340-1400GOEFFREY CHAUCER. Author of "The Canterbury Tales"


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