vietnam vocab and famous ppl

this government regulatory agency created by nixon to require that businesses provide safety equipment and make sure that workplaces are healthy places
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this government agency was created by nixon and is in charge of regulating pollution that is harmful to human healthEPAthis group, formed by Vietnamese communists and other nationalists, non-communist groups in 1941, declared independence from foreign rule as its single goalvietminhan individual who has claimed the right to refuse military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, and/or religionconscientious objectorhe lost the 1960 presidential election in one of the closest elections in history. he later became president after LBJ chose not to run for reelectionnixonhe lead the indochinese communist party and fought french, japanese, and US forces the independence of vietnam. he was the leader of north vietnam after he defeated the french armyho chi minhthis anti-communist, US backed, south vietnam president canceled elections when it became clear that he would lose to the communistsNgo Dinh Diemthe first appointed VP and first appointed president of the US. he was a successful football player and a member of the house of reps for 25 years.LBJhe was MN senator and the Vp under johnson, he was a moderate democrat. he ran against nixon and lost in 1968humphrey