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Everything from the play, movie (s), and even about Shakespeare himself.

Where is the play set?

Verona, Italy

What is the meaning of the line "both alike in dignity"?

Both families come from the same class/social status.

What problem exists within the two families?

We don't know.

What kind of lovers are Romeo and Juliet?


What happens to the lovers and what is its effect?

They kill themselves, and their parents are greatly effected by it.

How many likes are in the prologue?

14 lines. (Sonnet)

Who are Sampson and Gregory?

Servents/Defence men/Coal Carriers

What is a pun?

The humorous use of a word or phrase so as to emphasize or suggest its different meaning or applications.

Who are Abram and Balthasar?

They are both sevents to the Montague family.

How do Gregory and Sampson behave toward Abram and Balthasar?

At first, with disrespect, then try to take it back and saying their better.

What insulting gesture does Sampson give?

Biting his thumb

Who are Benvolio and Tybalt?

Capulets servents who fight against the Montagues

How does Shakespeare build the fight scene?

Shows the hatred on both sides

Who is conspicuous in his absence from the fighting?


What is Prince Escalus' decree?

To not fight again for if they do, that will be killed to keep the peace throught out the streets of Verona

Why are Montague and Benvolio concerned about Romeo?

He has been crying and hides from them, keeps to himself.

What truly is wrong with Romeo? (see lines 170-188)

He is in deep love with Roseline even though she has no feelings towards him

Why can't Romeo marry the woman he loves as the play opens? (lines 217-218)

She's the goddess of no love or marriage because she is wish and rich.

Explain: "That, when she dies, with beauty dies her store."

When she dies, so does her beauty, but may be past on to and offspring.

How old is Juliet?


What is Paris' suit?

To marry Juliet

What is the meaning? "And too soon marred are those so early made."

The ones who grow up faster have been married sooner

How many siblings does Juliet have?

None. They have all died

How does Capulet view the choice of husband for Juliet?

He thinks Paris is a good suit but its too early for her, and its her choice to choose whom to marry.

What is Capulet haveing that same evenging?

A feast/party

What is Benvolio's cure for Romeo?

To meet new people (girls)

Why is Romeo going to Capulet's party?

To see Roseline

Why does Juliet's mother wish to speak with her?

To talk to her abut marriage

How does Lady Capulet feel about having the Nurse present?

A little hesistant, but needs her input

Who is Susan?

A dead christian soul who die and is the Nurse's daughter.

How does Juliet feel about marriage?

An honor that she doesn't want

How does the Nurse feel about Paris?

A man of wax like and artist, a good and noble man

What kind of party is Capulet having?

A masked party

What is Romeo's reaction upon seeing Juliet for the first time?

He is star struck with her beauty

How does Tybalt recongnize Romeo?

By his voice

How does Lord Capulet react to Tybalt's wishes?

He lets Romeo go, because he is a good strong, and smart youth not a villian

What sustained metaphor is used by Romeo and Juliet in their first speech together?

His lips being comapred to "two blushing pilgrims"

How are Romeo and Juliet spearated then?

Juliets' mother wished to speak with her.

How does Romeo find out who Juliet is?

By asking the nurse who her mother was

How does Juilet find your who Romeo is?

By asking the nurse a couple of people's names of who was leaving and cleaverly added Romeo in

How does Mercutin try to get Romeo's attention?

By saying he has Roseline, and teases him about it.

Define: "He jests at scars that never felt a wound."

They have never been in love so they have no idea what he feels

What is Juilets attitude toward a name?

She doesn't care and will turn her back against it

According to Juliet, by whom should Romeo swear his love?

To himself or nothing at all

What news does Romeo bring Friar Lawerence?

That is is in love with his enemy and need his help with a secret marriage.

Why does the Friar marry Juliet and Romeo?

He hopes it will end the feud.

How do Mercutio, Benvolio, and Romeo treat the nurse?

They mock her about her clothing

What arrangement do the nurse and Romeo make?

For Juilet to meet at Friar's cell to be married, and excause to get out of the house, and to bring a ladder to climb up the wall with

How does the Nurse tease Juliet?

By expressing her pains and starts to talk about how wonderful Romeo is then cuts in with "where is your mother?"

What is shrift?

Confession in a cell/church

Who enters and begings to quarrel with Mercutio and Benvolio?

Tybalt, and some of his servents

What is Romeo's attitude toward Tybalt as he enters?

He is calm and tried to walk away from a fight because he is in love with this cousin

Who begins the actual fighting?

Tybalt and Mercutio

Who has been made "worms' meat"

Mercutio, while he was fighting

Who kills Tybalt?


What is the Princes order to Romeo?

To be banished from Verona

Who whom or what does Juliet weep?

For her cousins death, but mostly for her lord (Romeo) being banished

From who does Romeo find out he is banished?

Friar Lawrence

Where is heaven for Romeo

In Verona, with Juliet and everything else in it

What is the bird of night?

The Nightengale

What is the bird of morning?

The Lark

What is Capulet's response to Juliet's refusal to marry Paris?

He become very angry and says he will shun her

What is the Nurse's resolution for the dilemma?

To forget about Romeo and marry Paris because he is more suitable.

What is to occur on Thursday?

Paris' and Juliet's marriage

What help does the Friar give Juliet?

To fake her death so Romeo and he can be together

Who discovers dead Juliet?

The Nurse

What are some changes Capulet makes from the wedding to the funeral?

Making the happy music sad, the flowers to cover her up, and the church hymnns.

What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo?

That Juliet is dead and has just been buried in her family tomb.

Where does Romeo go to use the poison?

Juliet's grave

Why does Paris come to Juliet's grave?

To cry over her death

Who kills Paris?


In what state does the Friar find Romeo, Juliet, and Paris?


What happens to Lady Montague?

She has died because of Romeo

How do Capulet and Montague respond to the deaths of their children?

They forgive the feud and grieve together.


A figure of speech that makes brief reference to a historical or literary figure, event, or object (almost always direct)


A dramatic technique in which an actor directly addresses the audience but is no supposed to be heard by the other actors on the stage.

Dramatic Irony

Dramatic irony occurs when the audience knows something that the characters do not. The words or acts of a character may carry a meaning unperceived by the character but understood by the audience.


A character whose personality or actions are in striking contrast to those of another character. By using a foil, a writer highlights the other character's traits or mood.


The presentation of material in a work in such a way that later events are prepared for. Th purpose is to prepare te reader or viewer for action to come.


An analogy comparing one object with another and ascribing to the first object one or more qualities of the second


A figure of speech that combines two usually contradictory words, meanings, or terms for a special effect


A figure that endows animals, ideas, abstraction, and inanimate objects with human form; the representing of imagery creatures or things as having human personalities, intelligence, and emotion.


A figure of speech which involves a play upon words, in which a word or phrase often, but not always, has intention of humor.

Shakespearean Sonnet

The English sonnet; has a rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg


An analogy in which a similarity between two objects is directly expressed. Similes are most often introduced by "as" or "like"


A speech dilivered while the speaker is alone, calculated to inform the audience of what is passing in the character's mind


A poem of 14 lines and following one of several set rhyme schemes.


A type of play that relates a series of event in the life of a person of significance, culminating in an unhappy catastrophe.

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