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Surface waves

seismis waves that move along the earths surface and produce motion mostly in the upper few km of earths crust


a tracing of earthquake motion that is created by a seismograph


the point on earth surface directly above an earthquakes starting point or focus


the point along fault at which the first motion of an earhtquake occurs


the study of earthquakes

seismic wave

a wave of energy that travels through the earths away from an earthquake in all directions

P wave

a seismic wave that causes particles of rock to move in a back and forth direction

S wave

a seismic wave that causes particles of rock to move in a side to side direction


an instrument the records vibrations in the ground and determines the location and strength of an earthquake


a vent or fissure in the earths surface through which magma and gases are expelled


molten rock below the ground


molten rock above the ground

rift zone

area at a divergent boundary where cracks form

hot spot

a volcanically active area of earths surface far from a tectonic plate boundary


convergent boundary where a more dense tectonic plate dives under a less dense tectonic plate

What did volcanoes vent that formed the atmosphere and oceans?


what is the earths crust covered with that grind past each other?

Tectonic plates

What lies like a time bomb under San Fransisco?

The san andreas fault

What happened in October 1989 during the baseball playoffs?


What is the site of the greatest volcanic eruption in modern history?

Mount st. helen's

What is deep within the crater which is helping the mountain rebuild itself?

Lava dome

The sinking plates release super hot fluids which melt what layer above it?

The mantle

As the volcano erupts does the island Grow or Sink?


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