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Based on chapter 4 of the medical law and ethics book by Marcia A. Lewis

Administer a drug

To introduce a drug into the body of a client

Controlled substance act

Federal law regulates the administration, dispensing, and prescribing of particular substances that are categorized into five schedules.

Dispense of a drug

To deliver controlled substances in a bottle, box, or some other container to a client; under the Controlled Substance Act, definition also includes the administering of controlled substances.

Drug enforcement agency: DEA

Branch of the department of justice that enforces drug laws.

Drug Formulary

An insurance carrier's list of preferred drugs

Health insurance portability and accountability act : HIPAA

National standards to protect health information

Medical Practice acts

State statutes that define the practice of medicine, describe methods of licensure, and set guidelines for suspension or revocation of a license.

National Provider identification : NPI

A 10 digit unique number givent o health care providers for indentification purposes under the HIPAA regulations

Prescribe a drug

to issue a drug order for a client

Privacy rule

a portion of HIPAA that regulates the confidentiality of a clients health record while still allowing that information to flow properly and effectively in order to treat the client.

Protected health information : PHI

All the past, present, and future physical and mental conditions of an individuals health care.

What are 4 common requirements for a physician to be licensed?

1. A four year undergraduate degree
2. Graduation from an accredited medical school
3. Completion of an internship
4. Sucessful completion of the USMLE: United States Medical Licensing Examination

Name three conditions in which a physicians license can be revoked.

1. Conviction of a crime
2. Unprofessional Conduct
3. Personal or professional incapacity

Explain the purposes of the DEA and its regulations

to enforce drug laws

Identify the 5 controlled substances drug schedules and give an example of each.

Schedule 1: Includes drugs of high potential for abuse that have no currently accepted medical use; such as marijuana, heroin or LSD
Shedule II: Have current accepted medical use but with restrictions and have a high potential for abuse; such as Morphine, codeine, percodan and ritalin.
Schedule III: Have less potential for abuse than I or II. Amphetamine like compunds.
Schedule IV:Have a lower potential of abuse than III. Example would be Valium
Schedule V: Least addictive drugs in the schedules, examples include Lomotil or cough medications containing codeine.

What is the role of the health professional in preventing and treating substance abuse.

Providers should be mindful of persons who abuse drugs or are seeking controlled subsatances as well as the pharmacist should be mindful of fake or forged written RX. Also healthcare personnel should be aware of the potential of their colleges to be addicted or stealing, seaking medications.

What are the key points of HIPAA related to healthcare?

1. standardization of electronic client health data, administrative data, financial data
2. unique health identifiers for individuals, employees, health plans, and health care providers
3. security standards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the individually indentifiable health information, past, present and future.

What key points should be provided in a client's notice of privacy?

1. Restrict use of PHI
2. Request confidential communication
3. Inspect and obtain a copy of the PHI
4. Request ant ammendment to the PHI
5. Receive an accounting of PHI disclosures

What are the main points of the healthcare reform act of 2010?

To make healthcare available to as many Americans as possible.

When a drug is introduce into a clients body it is known as _____.

administering a drug

The controlled substances act divides narcotics into how many schedules?

Five : 5

The affordable care act and the patient bill of rights provide what benefits for clients?

No recinding of insurance coverage
and a limit on the amount of copay.

A provider's license may be revoked for what reasons?

Conviction of a crime
professional incapacity
personal incapacity

The acronym DEA stands for what?

Drug Enforcement Agency

A medical licensing board may revoke a provider's license without due process if the board feels that the provider is a threat to the community?
True or False?

The medical board cannot revoke a physicians license without due process

A license to practice medicine in any US state entitles a provider to practice medicine anywhere in the country?
True or False?

The physican's license may not be recognized by the other state

A medical assistant working within a medical clinic may take and use samples of drugs as long as they are for his or her own personal use?
True or False?

The MA must have a RX for any medication she takes if it is not over the counter, and taking samples from the sample closet for personal use would be illegal.

Health-care professionals are very cognizant of their health, so it is hard to find on who abuse drugs or alcohol.
True or False?


A janitor who cleans a medical clinic is not held to the same confidentiality rules as the medical professional?
True or False?

All healthcare professionals must abide by the confidentiality rules

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