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AP Spanish connecting words for presentational writing





a partir de

from the time that


it is fitting, suitable, convenient

es necesario,preciso

it is necessary etc.

tratar con

to deal with, to have to do with

tiene que ver con

to have to do with

a continuacion

below, following


to serve as an example


en to consist of

caracterizarse por

to be characterized by


to signify

querer decir

to mean

servir para

to serve to


to suggest

de hecho

in fact

del punto de vista

from the pointo of view of

de la perspectiva de

of from the perspective

de verdad, de veras


en conexión

in connection

en realidad


a lo mejor

perhaps, maybe

mejor dicho

more exactly, rather

tanto mejor

so much the better

por la mayor parte

for the most part, mostly

a causa de

because of

por consiguiente


bien pensado

well thought-out

como consecuencia

as a consequence

por lo tanto

for that reason, therefore

en breve

in short

al fin y al cabo

in the final analysis

por ultimo


despues de todo

after all

de lo anterior

from the above

se ve que

one sees that...

en todo

all in all

en resumen

in conclusion

en conclusion

in conclusion

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