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Of the following research topics, which most qualifies as research on the micro level?

doctor-patient relationships<-Answer
multinational corporations
the military
race relations

Which of the following statements is the best example of a hypothesis?

"Unemployed men are more likely to commit spousal abuse than employed men." <- Answer
"All men are created equal."
"A penny saved is a penny earned."
"More than 300 million people live in the United States."

Precise ways to measure variables in research so that comparisons can be made and replications can later be done are referred to as ________.

operational definitions

The term "________" refers to the extent to which different studies come up with similar results.


The first step in the research model is to formulate a hypothesis.


The individuals that are intended to represent the population to be studied are referred to as the sample.


"Research bias" and "research fraud" are concepts that can be used interchangeably because they are virtually identical.


A multiple-choice exam is an example of a test structure composed of closed-ended questions.


A statement that describes how variables are expected to be related to one another, often according to predictions from a theory, is known as a ________.


Which of the following represents a correct sequence of steps in the research process?

select topic, define the problem, review the literature, formulate a hypothesis, choose a research method, collect the data, analyze the results, share the results.

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