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  1. apostasy
  2. ameliorate
  3. innate
  4. reprehensible
  5. stagnant
  1. a (n.) an abandoning of what one has believed in, as a faith, cause, etc.
  2. b (adj.) not flowing or moving
  3. c (adj.) existing since birth; inborn; inherent
  4. d (v.) to make better or more tolerable
  5. e (adj.) worthy of blame, rebuke or censure

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  1. (adj.) superior; snooty
  2. (adj.) false; misleading or deceptive
  3. (adj.) totally impoverished
  4. (v.) to waste away from lack of use
  5. (adj.) friendly; agreeable

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  1. compliant(adj.) yielding; submissive


  2. extraneous(n.) position; rank


  3. immutable(adj.) friendly; agreeable


  4. sycophant(n.) one who attempts to progress or win favor by flattering influential people; one who sucks up to others


  5. ambivalent(adj.) superior; snooty


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