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  1. stalwart
  2. relegate
  3. orthodox
  4. articulate
  5. reproach
  1. a (adj.) adhering to established principles or doctrines, esp. in religion; by the book
  2. b (v.) to banish; to send away
  3. c (v.) speaking clearly and well
  4. d (adj.) strong; sturdy
  5. e (v.) to scold, usually in disappointment

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  1. (adj.) superior; snooty
  2. (adj.) brief and to the point; succinct
  3. (adj.) worthy of blame, rebuke or censure
  4. (v.) to make better or more tolerable
  5. (adj.) dull; unimaginative

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  1. steadfast(adj.) strong; sturdy


  2. immutable(adj.) friendly; agreeable


  3. uniform(adj.) consistent; unchanging; the same for everyone


  4. astute(n.) position; rank


  5. stagnation(n.) motionlessness; inactivity