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  1. conditioned stimulus
  2. respondant behavior
  3. positive reinforcement
  4. contrapreparedness
  5. spontaneous recovery
  1. a in classical conditioning, an originally irrelevant stimulus that, after association with an unconditioned stimulus, comes to trigger a conditioned response
  2. b the reappearance, after a rest period, of an extinguished conditioned response
  3. c behavior that occurs as an automatic response to some stimulus
  4. d a built in disinclination (or even an inability) for certain conditioned stimuli to elicit particular conditioned responses
  5. e Reinforcement that occurs when a response is strengthened because it is followed by the presentation of a rewarding stimulus.

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  1. Learning that occurs when a person or animal suddenly grasps what something means and incorporates that new knowledge into old knowledge (Aaa-HA moment)
  2. a classicaly conditioned avoidance of a certain food or taste
  3. increasing behaviors by stopping or reducing negative stimuli (unpleaseant event), such as shock. A negative reinforcer is any stimulus that, when removed after a response, strengthens the response. (Note: negative reinforcement is not punishment
  4. reinforcing the desired response every time it occurs
  5. a stimulus that gains its reinforcing power through its assocation with a primary reinforcer; also known as secondary reinforcer

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  1. habituationthe diminishing of a conditioned response; occurs in classical conditioning when an unconditioned stimulus does not follow a conditioned stimulus; occurs in operant conditioning when a response is no longer reinforced


  2. latent learninganimals can learn from experience, with or without reinforcement


  3. cognitive mapthe acquisition of information that often is not immediately acted on but is stored for later use


  4. unconditioned responsein classical conditioning, the learned response to a previously neutral conditioned stimulus (CS)


  5. variable-interval schedulein operant conditioning, a schedule of reinforcement that reinforces a response at unpredictable time intervals