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Science 8 Abbreviations, Units, Formulas

Abbreviation for density
D (Capital don't confuse with distance)
Abbreviation for mass
M (Capital-don't confuse with meters)
Abbreviation for volume
V (capital-don't confuse with velocity)
Abbreviation for speed
s (lower case-often cursive to not be confused with seconds)
Abbreviation for velocity
v (lower case-don't confuse with volume)
Abbreviation for time
t (lower case-don't confuse with temperature)
Abbreviation for temperature
T (upper case-don't confuse with time)
Abbreviation for pressure
P (can be upper or lower case)
Abbreviation for acceleration
a (lower case)
Abbreviation for degree Celcius
little circle raised and a capital C after.
Abbreviation for Kelvin
K (capital and no degree symbol)
Abbreviation for meter
m (lower case)
Formula for speed
s = d/t speed equals distance divided by time
Formula for distance (science)
d = s x t or distance equals the speed times the total time (remember r x t = d in math)
Formula for time (using speed and distance)
t = d/s or time= distance divided by speed
Formula for density
D=M/V or density = mass divided by the volume
Formula for mass (using volume & density)
M= D x V or mass = density times the volume
Formula for volume (using density & mass)
V = M/D or mass divided by density
Formula for acceleration
Change in velocity divided by the total time or Final velocity minus initial velocity divided by time
Formula for average speed
average speed= total distance/ total time
SI unit for pressure
pascal (p-lower case)
SI unit for distance
meter (m)
SI unit for temperature
kelvin (K-capital)
SI unit for time
second (s-lower case)
SI unit for volume of a liquid
liter (lower case)
SI unit for volume of a rectangular prism
cm^3 or cubic centimer
SI unit for mass
SI unit for density of a rectangular prism
Symbol for results in, leads to, or chemically changes to
arrow to the right
Symbol for change
small triangle (delta symbol)
Formula for a change in velocity
small triangle v(delta) =final velocity minus initial velocity (Vfinal - Vinitial or v2 - v1)
Formula for a change in distance
small triangle d= final distance minus initial distance (dfinal - dinitial or d2-d1)
Abbreviation for potential energy
PE (capitals)
Abbreviation for kinetic energy
KE (capitals)
Abbreviation for energy in notes
E or small e with circle around it
Symbol for increases or rises
arrow up
Symbol for decreases or lowers
arrow down
Symbols for is or equals