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Social Studies Ch.24


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At the time of the Han dynasty, which people particularly threatened China from the north?
the Huns
Why is Zhang Qian often called the Father of the Silk Road?
This explorer opened the way for trade with western cultures
Why did people in China want horses from Central Asia?
The horses were larger and more powerful than Chinese horses
What made silk valuable in the West?
The Chinese were the only ones who knew how to make it
One of the most important Roman products that trade along the Silk Road brought to China was...
The Silk Road split into a northern route and a southern route. What was one advantage of taking the northern route?
Oases were closer together.
What belongs in the blank space on the diagram?
fine dishware
Merchants used camels to move goods on the Eastern Silk Road. What animals carried goods on the Western Silk Road?
Which part of the Silk Road exposed travelers to the dangers listed below?
• Lack of oxygen
• Narrow passes
• Steep cliffs
• Snowstorms
the Pamir Mountains
Why did the Western Silk Road end at Mediterranean ports such as Antioch?
Goods could be loaded there onto ships to be taken to other lands
What is the likely reason why the Roman emperor told Romans not to wear silk?
He worried that buying silk was taking too much of the empire's gold
Which of these facts relating to the Silk Road is an example of cultural diffusion?
Europeans learned how to produce silk
What do the three items pictured below have in common?
They all came to the West from China
How did the Silk Road most affect the spread of Buddhism?
Travelers carried Buddhist beliefs from India to China
When some Chinese Buddhists crossed Central Asia to learn more about their religion, what did they bring back?
sacred texts from India