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  1. Fascia
  2. Compression is
  3. traction bends are
  4. 3 regions of the spine
  5. Synergists
  1. a when there is no space to go deeper into a joint; bone on bone
  2. b Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar
  3. c assist prime movers
  4. d with gravity
  5. e connective wrapping around the muscles

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  1. divides the body front and back
  2. Primary major muscles in a movement
  3. when are is 90 degrees of abduction in line with the shoulder joint in the transverse plane away from the center of the body
  4. brings the scapulae away from the spine as in Chaturanga
  5. internal rotation of forearm or foot

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  1. Tension isback bends


  2. Bones of the lower legradius and ulna


  3. contraction bends areagainst gravity


  4. Elevationinternal rotation of forearm or foot


  5. Sagittal planedivides the body left and right


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