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  1. Movement away from the center of the body inthe coronal plane is
  2. Elevation
  3. Movement toward the center of the body in the coronal plane is
  4. Sagittal plane
  5. Synergists
  1. a divides the body left and right
  2. b adduction
  3. c abduction
  4. d assist prime movers
  5. e when the scapulae moves toward the ears

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  1. Lateral rotation - rotation away from the center of the body in the transverse plane
  2. divides the body front and back
  3. shoulder
  4. Tibia and Fibula
  5. against gravity

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  1. Bones of fore armsradius and ulna


  2. Transverse planedivides the body top and bottom


  3. StabilizersDo not perform movement, but fix part(s) of the body to enable movement


  4. Prime moversPrimary major muscles in a movement


  5. Pronationinternal rotation of forearm or foot


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