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  1. Tension is
  2. Horizontal extension
  3. Depression
  4. Fascia
  5. Ligaments are
  1. a when are is 90 degrees of abduction in line with the shoulder joint in the transverse plane away from the center of the body
  2. b fibrous bands connecting bone to bone
  3. c when the scapulae moves down the back
  4. d when there is more space to go deeper into the joint; tight/short muscle/tendon/ligament
  5. e connective wrapping around the muscles

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  1. external rotation of forearm or foot
  2. against gravity
  3. back bends
  4. brings the scapulae toward the spine; as in back bends
  5. 5 sacral vertebrae and 4 coccygeal vertebrae

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  1. Number of cervical vertebrae7


  2. Synergistsassist prime movers


  3. Lateral flexionoccurs in the torso as in a side bend


  4. Transverse planedivides the body top and bottom


  5. Bones of the lower legTibia and Fibula