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  1. Depression
  2. Retraction
  3. Kyphosis
  4. Sagittal plane
  5. Stabilizers
  1. a Do not perform movement, but fix part(s) of the body to enable movement
  2. b divides the body left and right
  3. c Rounding of the thoracic spine
  4. d when the scapulae moves down the back
  5. e brings the scapulae toward the spine; as in back bends

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  1. external rotation of forearm or foot
  2. when there is more space to go deeper into the joint; tight/short muscle/tendon/ligament
  3. Coronal plane
  4. connective wrapping around the muscles
  5. abduction

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  1. Sacral/coccygeal curve5 sacral vertebrae and 4 coccygeal vertebrae


  2. Muscles between the ribs arethe intercostal muscles


  3. The acromion process is a part of which jointshoulder


  4. Prime moversinternal rotation of forearm or foot


  5. Frontal planedivides the body front and back