Major Organs of the Endocrine System

These are notecards made to study for our test on the Endocrine System
produces growth hormone, thyrotropin, corticotrophin, gonadotrophin, prolactin inhibitory factor, oxytocin
Pineal Gland (pineal body)
found in the middle of the brain, makes melatonin
Pituitary Gland
also called the "master gland" because it controls all other hormones in the endocrine system
Thyroid Gland
stores all hormones and controls metabolism, including body weight, rate of energy use, and heart rate.
Parathyroid Gland
glands in the back of the thyroid that help regulate blood calcium levels
Thymus Gland
produces hormones involved in the development of white blood cells
produces atriopeptin that reduces blood volume and pressure and helps regulate fluid balance
Adrenal Gland
produces steroid hormone (regulates metabolism of glucose, sodium, and potassium, and maintain fluid balance) and epinephrine
secretes erthropoietin, which stimulate production of red blood ells in bone marrow
releases the hormone gastrin that stimulates other glands to increase their output
produces insulin and glucagon, that raises or lowers blood glucose levels for energy
makes hormones that stimulate production or release of enzymes that aid digestion
female sex organ, located in the pelvis, that produces estrogen and progesterone
male sex organ, located in the groin, that produces testosterone