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Skeletal Muscle

Smooth Muscle

Cardiac Muscle


There are over _____ muscles in your body.


Muscles make up about ____ % of your body weight.


Muscles can only ________ on a bone.


One of the most abundant muscle tissues is ___ muscle.


Muscles store energy in the form of _______.

Lactic Acid

Sore muscles are caused by a build-up of ___.


A muscle that straightens a joint.


A muscle that bends a joint.


Muscles that you can consciously control.


Muscles that you cannot consciously control.


A tough, non-elastic tissue that attaches muscle to bone.


To _____ means that the muscle gets shorter and firmer.


To keep muscles strong, you must _____ them.

Between beats

The heart rests _______.


The stronger the heart, the _______ it can beat.

Nerve signal

A muscle will relax when the ________ stops.


Doing ______ is one way to prevent overstretching muscles.


_______ muscle can contract without a nerve impulse.

Muscle Tone

________ is where the muscles remain partially contracted all of the time.

Cardiac Muscle

Cells are woven, striated, involuntary

Skeletal Muscle

Cells are long cylinders, striated, many nuclei, voluntary

Smooth Muscle

Cells are thin, long, pointed at the end, one nuclei, involuntary

Tendon, directly, another muscle

Ways muscles attach to bone...Muscle (to) ____ to bone.

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