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Oliver Stone
Director of the film JFK. His principle aim is to tie elements of the U.S. government-most notably, Vice President Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, and the armed forces.
this film is about the assassination of President Kennedy, and the quest to uncover the possibility of a conspiracy surrounding the assassination. This film is notable for its point of view.
Jim Garrison
A New Orleans district attorney who pursues the case against the people he believes had to do with the assassination of JFK.
Clay Shaw
A New Orleans businessman, accused of the conspiracy behind the assassination of JFK. In the movie he is taken to court but is never proven guilty
David Ferrie
this character is an associate of Clay Shaw in the movie JFK, Joe Pesci portrays this character as very eccentric.
Lee Harvey Oswald
the person officially believed to have shot JFK; he was killed two days later by night club owner jack ruby
Colonel X
A fictitious composite character, presumably based on secret sources who gave Garrison information about the military and the government's involvement in the assassination; in many respects, he is the "Deep Throat" of JFK.
Spike Lee
Director of the movie "Malcolm X" and "Do the right thing." He plays a character in both of the movies. He was adamant that if a major studio would give Oliver Stone over 3 hours for a movie on JFK, Malcolm X deserved the same.
Malcolm X
Street hustler and orphan, converts to Islam and becomes a controversial figure in the 1960s, quite distinct in viewpoint and tactics from Dr. Martin Luther King, jr. most of his career is based in New York City.
Betty Shabazz
Malcolm's wife and best friend; was also an activist for racial justice for years after his death.
Elijah Muhammad
Successor to wallace fard as leader of the nation of islam, a distinct offshoot of the muslim faith (now much smaller membership than traditional forms of islam in the US.
Do the right thing
a film directed by Spike Lee( his third and first mainstream hit). Portrays one day in the life of a New York City(Bedford-Stuyvestant, Brooklyn) neighborhood and its residents- the hottest day of the year
Played by Danny Aiello- Italian pizzeria owner in the movie do the right thing. He is constantly being annoyed in the movie by people criticizing how he runs his business.
Played by Spike Lee- Sal's delivery guy in the movie do the right thing. His character portrays a young black man trying to make money, raise his son, and please his baby momma.
Vito and Pino
Sal's sons in the movie Do the right thing they help Sal with making the pizzas
Da Mayor
Played by Ossie Davis-this character is labeled as the town drunk in the movie do the right thing. He is constantly seen throughout the movie trying to keep the piece in the neighborhood. He risks his own life when he pushes a young by out of the way of fast moving car.
Mother Sister
Played by Ruby Dee- this character sits and watches the neighborhood in the movie Do the right thing.
Radio Raheem
Played by Bill Nunn in the movie Do the right thing- this character carries his 'boom box' where ever he goes playing the song and only the song 'Fight the power' he is choked to death by two cops during a riot he co-started.
Buggin Out
Played by Giancarlo Esposito in the movie Do the right thing- this character wonders why Sal has "no brothers" on his wall in his pizzeria. He co-starts the riot in front of Sal's Pizzeria with Radio Raheem
Mr. Senior Love Daddy
Played by Samuel Jackson in the movie Do the right thing-he is the DJ and the voice of the Brooklyn neighborhood.
This film was made in 1999, written and directed by Alexander Payne, from a novel by Tom Perrotta. The setting is different from any of our other movies-everything revolves around the heated political atmosphere of the suburban American High school of Omaha, Nebraska.
Tracy Flick
Played by Reese Witherspoon in the movie Election-this character is portrayed as ambitious, driven, straight-A student seeking to become president of Carver High School's student government.
Jim McAllister
Played by Matthew Broderick in the movie Election- this character is a popular civics teacher whose dislike for Tracy leads him to meddle in the student council election, with disastrous results all around, as his private life also implodes.
Paul Metzler
Played by Chris Klein in the Election-this character portrays a football star recruited by Mr. McAllister to run against Tracy.
Tammy Metzler
Played by Jessica Campbell in the movie Election-This character is portrayed as an individualist who is always trying to fight the system. She is Paul's sister and decides to join the election when her girlfriend dumps her for her brother.
This popular movie was made in 1993 about a temp agency director, who happens to look like the current president of the United States. His Side job as a presidential impersonator turns serious-to say the least, as a series of circumstances lead to him impersonating President Mitchell on the job. This movie shows how much say the presidential advisors have in the decisions given by the president.
Dave Kovic
Played by Kevin Kline in the movie Dave-this character is a temp agency head and presidential look-alike.
Bill Mitchell
Played by Kevin Kline in the movie Dave-this character is the actual president, and is not a good guy. He has a stroke early in the movie witch turns him into a vegetable (metaphorically speaking).
Bob Alexander
Played by Frank Langella in the movie Dave-this character is the Chief of staff to President Mitchell, in effect the second most powerful person in the US.
Gary Nance
Played by Ben Kingsley in the movie Dave- this character is the Vice President, constitutionally next in line to the presidency (25th amendment)
wag the dog
This 1993 comedy, directed by Barry Levinson, takes place 14 days before the presidential election when the White House faces a scandal involving the president and a Firefly Girl (think girl scouts). A political spin-doctor enlists the help of a Hollywood producer and presidential staff to create a fake war with Albania in hopes of detracting the country from the scandal.
Winifred Ames
Played by Anne Heche in the movie Wag The Dog. this character is a political aide who enlists Motss in helping to squash the President's scandal. Serves as the liaison between the White House and Motss/Brean throughout the film.
Conrad Brean
Played by Robert De Niro in the movie Wag The Dog. THis character's the best spin doctor in politics. He comes up with the idea for the fake war and enlists the help of Motss
Stanley Motss
Played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Wag the Dog. This character is a Hollywood producer and friend of Conrad Brean who brings in specialists to help himself and Brean create a war.
The American President
This 1995 drama comedy, written by Aaron Sorkin, is about a widowed president approaching the end of his first term who falls in love with a lobbyist. The "scandal" endangers an important anti-crime bill that the president is basing his re-election campaign on and causes a media frenzy surrounding their relationship.
Andrew Shepherd
Played by Michael Douglas in the movie the American President-Douglas's character is portrayed as a widowed president who is attempting to pass an important anti-crime bill. The bill is controversial as the conservatives think it is too strict and the liberals think that it is too weak. If the bill passes it is assumed that he will be a shoo-in for re-election
Sydney Ellen Wade
Played by Annette Bening- A washington D.C. lobbyist hired by an environmental group to convince the president to lend his support to a strict emissions reducing bill. She and the president end up falling in love together
AJ MacInerney
Played by Martin Sheen- this character, in the movie The American President, is the white house chief of staff and long-time friend of President Shepherd
Lewis Rothschild
Played by Michael J. Fox- this character, in the movie The American President, is an assistant to the President for the DOmestic Policy, heavily involved in the day to day life of the president as well as passing of the crime bill.
The Contender
This film released in October 2000, focuses on the selection of a new vice president to replace one who has died in office. President Evans puts forward the name Laine Hanson, a former Republican-turned-Democrat serving as Senator. She would be the first Vice-President, and is also leapfrogging other politicians who thought they should be "first in Line." Controversy over Senator Hanson's past puts the full plot into motion. THis film explores the limits of privacy and the meaning of past actions in contemporary politics, especially considering how gender relates to public perceptions of acceptable behavior.
Senator Laine Hanson
Played by Joan Allen in the movie The Contender- this character is an Ohio Senator, chosen to replace the late vice president.
President Jackson Evans
Played by Jeff Bridges in the movie The Contender- this character is the President who has a public image that differs from his private acts.
Shelly Runyon
Played by Gary Oldman in the movie The Contender-this character is a long-time republican congressman, who seeks to bring Hanson down primarily because she is a woman; he's from Illinois but this is not made extremely relevant to the plot.
Reginald Webster
Played by Christian Slater in the movie The Contender- this character is a first-term representative trying to figure out how to do his job and to gain power in the house. He's a Democrat too.
Jack Hathaway
Played by William Peterson in the movie The Contender-who is seen at the film's opening, making a heroic effort to save a woman whose car has gone over a bridge; considered the leading contender to be named Vice President by his fellow Democrat, the President.