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CVCS Honors Biology Daily Quizes

A scanning electron microscope is used to study ________, whereas a transmission electron microscope is used to study ________.

got wrong. answer will be added later.

The idea that the cell is the basic unit of structure and function for all living things; that all living thngs are composed of cells and; that all cells come from other cells defines the

Cell Theory.

A scientist wants to magnify a pollen grain 8,000 times and examine the ridges and pores on its surface. Which one of the following instruments would be best?

a scanning electron microscope

Which of the following statements about electron microscopes is true?

Electron microscopes focus electron beams to create a magnified image of an object.

Your throat is dry, and you want the last cough drop in the box to last a long time in your mouth. What should you do?

Keep the cough drop whole. This maintains the largest surface-to-volume ratio, and slows the dissolution of the cough drop.

A cell is exposed to a substance that prevents it from dividing. The cell becomes larger and larger. This situation

will eventually be problematic, since the cell's ability to absorb nutrients through its outer membrane will not keep increasing as quickly as its cytoplasmic needs.

Light microscopes

use light and glass lenses to magnify an image.

A scientist wants to examine living cells lining the respiratory tract to determine how the cells use tiny hairs to move dirt and mucus away from the lungs. Which of the following instruments would be best, and why?

a light microscope, because it allows observations of whole, live cells

As cell size increases, the

volume increases faster than the surface area.

________ cells lack a membrane-enclosed nucleus.


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