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Step 11Checked to be sure the transfer belt is the correct size, then positioned the belt around the patient's waist and on top of the clothing.Step 12Positioned the buckle or clasp so that it is slightly off center in the front, smooth and free of wrinkles.Step 13Tightened the belt so that it fits snugly, secured the clasp or buckle, and placed finger under the belt to make sure it is not too tight.Step 14Put shoes or slippers with non-skid soles on the patient.Step 15Faced the patient with a broad base of support and grasped the loops on the side of the belt or placed hands under the sides of the belt.Step 16Asked the patient to assist to stand by pushing against the bed or chair with his or her hands at a given signal.Step 17Bent knees, gave the signal to stand and kept back straight and straightened knees as the patient stood.Step 18Support the patient in a standing position. Keep one hand on one side of the belt while moving the other hand to the loops or the back of the belt.Step 19Move the second hand from the side to the loops or the back of the belt while moving behind the patient.Step 20Ambulated patient--encouraged patient to walk slowly and use handrails if available.Step 21Walked slightly behind the patient at all times and kept a firm, underhand grip on the belt or kept hands firmly in the loops.Step 22If the patient starts to fall:Step 22aKept a firm grip on the belt.Step 22bUsed body to brace the patient, kept back straight, and gently eased the patient to the floor, taking care to protect his/her head.Step 22cStayed with the patient and called for help.Step 22dDid not attempt to stand the patient up until help arrived, reassured the patient.Step 23Assisted the patient back to the bed (chair) after ambulating for the distance/time directed by the therapist.Step 24Removed gait belt.Step 25Elevated side rail (if indicated) and observed all checkpoints before leaving the patient.Step 26Used alcohol-based hand rub for hand hygiene.Step 27Reported skill and observations to the therapist.