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11used an underhand grasp on the belt and assisted the patient to a standing position12positioned the walker with patient standing inside and asked the patient to grasp the hand rests securely13checked height of walker to assure hand rests were at the level of the top of the femur at the hip joints and elbows flexed at 25°-30° angle--and notified physical therapist if adjustments were needed14instructed the patient to lift walker and place it toward so the back legs were even with the patient's toes, and reminded patient to avoid sliding the walker.15instructed the patient to transfer the weight forward slightly, use the walker for support, and walk into the walker without shuffling the feet.16repeated steps 14-15 while walking to the side and slightly behind the patient, alegre at all times17was prepared to or caught the patient if they started to fall18checked constantly to assure steps 14-15 are being done correctly19assisted the patient back to the chair after ambulating for the distance/ time directed by therapist20removed gait belt and replaced equipment21used alcohol-based hand rub for hand hygiene22reported skill and observations to the therapist