ROM (one side)

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11used bath blanket to drape patient and fanfold top linen to the foot of the bed (if appropriate)12shoulder joint12asupport arm by placing hand at elbow and wrist12babducted shoulder (bring arm straight out @ right angle)12cadducted shoulder (bring arm straight by side)12dflexed shoulder (bring arm by ear)12eextended shoulder (bring arm back down)13elbow joint13asupport arm by placing hand at elbow and wrist13bflexed elbow by bending forearm and hand up to shoulder13cextended elbow by bringing back down13dpronated by turning forearm and palm face down13esupinate by turning forearm and palm facing up14wrist14asupport wrist by placing one hand above and other below14bflex wrist (bend hand down)14cextend wrist (bring out straight)14dhyperextended wrist (bring hand back)14edeviate wrist in an ulnar direction (little finger)14fdeviate wrist in a radius direction(thumb)15fingers and thumb15asupport by placing hand at wrist15bflexed fingers (towards palm)15cextend fingers (straighten)15dabduct fingers(spread)15eadduct fingers (close)15fopposition (touch thumb to fingers)15gcircumduct thumb (circular)16uncover nearest leg17hip17asupport leg17babduct leg17cadduct leg17dflex hip (bend knee move thigh towards abs)17eextend hip( make straight)17fmedically rotate bent leg17glaterally rotate bent leg18knee18asupport leg18bflex knee bend lower leg to thigh18cextend knee( straighten)19ankle19asupport ankle (one hand under foot and one behind ankle)19bdorsiflex (foot towards knee)19cplantar flex (point toes)19dinvert (medial)19eevert(lateral)20toes20arest leg on bed20babduct toes (separate)20cadduct toes (together)20dflex toes (bend down)20eextend toes (straight)21used proper body mechanics while administering rom22replaced top bed linens and removed bath blanket (if appropriate)23elevated side rail (if appropriate)24used alcohol-based hand rub for hand hygiene25reported treatment and observations to physical therapist