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  1. Homeostasis
  2. Species
  3. Heredity
  4. Bio means:
  5. Respiration
  1. a A regulatory process in which an organism regulates its internal environment. Maintaining stable internal conditions by regulating water, temperature, salt, sugar, etc.
  2. b The process that changes food into energy that can be used by our cells and our body.
  3. c Life or living
  4. d Passing of traits from parents to offspring
  5. e A group of genetically similar organisms that can produce fertile offspring.

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  1. The process by which an organism absorbs "foods" to carry out life functions.
  2. Branch of Biology that studies the interactions of organisms with one another and their environment.
  3. Maintaining constant water levels in the body
  4. Short segment of DNA that codes for a specific protein (trait)/
  5. The study of

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  1. Oxygen regulationMaintaining constant oxygen levels in the body.


  2. Examples of excretionHumans (Homo sapiens)


  3. Natural SelectionThe best adapted organisms will survive and reproduce.


  4. MutationChanges in DNA


  5. MetabolismProcess in which organisms carry out many chemical reactions to get energy.