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  1. Heredity
  2. Growth
  3. Example of an organism that does asexual reproduction
  4. Oxygen regulation
  5. Interdependence
  1. a Increase in the number or size of cells.
  2. b Passing of traits from parents to offspring
  3. c Maintaining constant oxygen levels in the body.
  4. d Organisms in a biological community live and interact with other organisms. Organisms are dependent on one another.
  5. e Bacteria, protist, hydra

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  1. Changes in DNA
  2. Molecule that carries genetic information about our traits.
  3. Getting rid of wastes.
  4. Life or living
  5. Natural Selection and mutations

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  1. How are humans affecting interdependence of organisms?Cutting down rainforests, which destroys the natural habitat of many organisms.


  2. HomeostasisA regulatory process in which an organism regulates its internal environment. Maintaining stable internal conditions by regulating water, temperature, salt, sugar, etc.


  3. GeneMolecule that carries genetic information about our traits.


  4. SpeciesBasic unit of life, capable of performing life functions.


  5. ReproductionProcess by which organisms make more of their own kind