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Main characters of Internado, Season 1 Episode 1

Main characters from the episode "Los monstruos no hacen cosquillas" of the show "El Internado Laguna Negra," their occupations and some short facts about them.

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Héctor de la Vega
The heir of a wealthy local family. Ex-husband of Elsa.
Internship Director/Prof. of Liturature
Elsa Fernández Campos
Father never forgave her for not studying medicine. Ex-wife of Héctor.
Boarding Director/Prof. of History
Jacinta García
Head of Housekeeping
María Almagro
Involved in drugs as a kid. Had a child at 13, went to an asylum after trying to kill the kid's father. Escaped to find her son at La Laguna Negra.
Marcos Novoa Pazos
Parents disappeared in a ship accident, refuses to believe they're dead. Protective of little sister Paula.
Iván Noiret León
Leader of the clique. Dating Carolina. Jealous of Marcos.
Carolina Leal
Dating Iván. Best friend of Victoria.
Victoria Martínez González
Best friend of Carolina. Becomes convinced that she has to escape after Alfonso (the history teacher) awakens her and soon after disappears.
Paula Novoa Pazos
Dreamy girl. Little sister of Marcos. Also believes parents will return.
Pedro Camacho
In love with Elsa. Amelia's ex-boyfriend.
PE Teacher
Fermín de Pablo
Chef Intern
Camilo Belmonte
Child of a Nazi leader, adopted by Joaquin.
Prof. of Latin
Amelia Ugarte Roldán
Pedro's ex-girlfriend.
Primary School Teacher
Cayetano Montero Ruiz
In love with Victoria. Helps uncover the Alfonso mystery.
Roque Sánchez Navas
Helps uncover the Alfonso mystery.
Evelyn Pons
Paula's friend.