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Foreign Phrases

Commonly used foreign phrases used in everyday conversation.

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bon voyage
farewell; have a good trip
mi casa es su casa
my home is your home
hello in French
hasta la vista
until we meet again
a la mode
with ice cream
coup de grace
a final blow or decisive event
carte blanche
unrestricted power to act on one's own
tact; good at knowing what to say
faux pas
a social blunder
ad hoc
improvised; for a specific purpose; for this occasion only
vice versa
the other way around; reversed order
buenas noches
good evening; good night
in loco parentis
in the place of a parent
in absentia
in one's absence
creme de la creme
the best of the best
carpe diem
seize the day
ex post facto
retroactively; done afterward
pro bono
done for free; without charge
quid pro quo
something for something; an equal exchange
c est la vie
such is life; that's how things happen
coup d etat
forceful overthrow of a government; violent overthrow or alteration of existing government
de facto
in fact, though not legally established
by right; existing by legal establishment
ex officio
by virtue of or because of the office held
a policy of noninterference; hands off
pro tem
for the time being
et cetera
a number of unspecified additional persons or things
a la carte
with a separate price for each item on a menu
bon appetit
good appetitie; enjoy your meal
de ja vu
the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time
piece de resistance
the chief dish of a meal; an outstanding item or event; a showpiece
a trite or overused expression or idea
having become stale or commonplace through overuse
du jour
made for a particular day; of the day
ad nauseam
to a sickening degree
an ardent devotee; enthusiastic about a pastime or activity
bona fide
in good faith; genuine
fait accompli
an accomplished fact
mea culpa
words used to take the blame for something or to apologize
nom de plume
pen name
persona non grata
an unacceptable or unwelcome person
en masse
in one group or body; all together
ad infinitum
to infinity; without ending
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
comme ci comme ca
de rigueur
strictly required; as by etiquette, usage, current fashion or custom
je ne sais quoi
a quality that is difficult to describe or express; an elusive, difficult to define quality
sotto voce
in a quiet voice; attempting not to be overheard
status quo
the way things are at a particular time; the existing condition
a private conversation between two people
e pluribus unum
out of many, one
modus operandi
method of operation
please respond to the invitation