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Supplemental Security Income
giving benefits to the poor aged, blind, and disabled.
Oil Embargo
Following U.S. support of Israel during Israel's in the Six-Day War, the Arab nations imposed an oil embargo.
North Vietnamese were holding troops, weapons, and supplies here. Nixon ordered American forces to clean out the area. Protests turned violent. Nixon withdrew the troops later. lead to Ken State Riots.
SALT Talks
cut back the weaponry of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. because it was getting too competitive. Set limits on the numbers of weapons produced.
Nixon perceived that the Chinese-Soviet tension as an opportunity for the US to pack peace with NV.
Nixon traveled to Moscow. His visits helped relax tensions between the Soviet Union and China
Watergate Break in
Nixon ordered five men working for the Republican Committee to break into the Watergate Hotel to find information on Democratic party
Nixon later had to hand over tapes
Nixon Doctrine
United States would honor its existing defense commitments but in the future, others would have to fight their own wars without the support of American troops.
26th Amendment
lowering the voting age to 18.
Great Grain Deal
United States agreed to sell the Soviets wheat, corn, and other cereals
Election of 1972
McGovern VS Nixon
many voters thought McGovern was a hippie and too supportive of women and militant Blacks. Nixon won by landslide
Saturday Night Massacre
prosecutor of Watergate scandal case was fired. Both the attorney general and deputy general resigned because they, themselves did not want to fire Cox.
War Powers Act
prohibited the President from engaging in military actions for more than sixty days, unless Congress voted approval.
1st unelected president
Nixon's VP
Helsinki accords
recognized Soviet boundaries and human rights
Election of 1976
Ford VS Carter
The issues were energy, transportation, and conservation. Carter had no Washington ties. Ford appealed to the upper- middle class
Double Digit Inflation
Inflation had been steadily rising. Carter thought America was to dependent on foreign oil. He called to improve energy conservation, without much public support.
Double Digit Interest Rates
Interest rates as high as 18%
Iran Hostage Crisis
Young Iranian militants broke into the U.S. Embassy and kept the staff (52) hostage for 444 days. Iranian mobs burned American flag and spitting on effigies of Uncle Sam. The hostages were not released until the inauguration day of Ronald Reagan.
Mariel Boatlift
Mass emigration of Cubans to Florida caused by down turn in Cuban economy which led to Castro sending prisoners, mental patient and sick people to Florida.
Russia's Invasion of Afghanistan
Posed a threat to America's precious oil supplies. Carter placed an embargo on the Soviet Union and boycotted the Olympic Games in Moscow.
Camp David
Peace talks between Egypt and Israel mediated by President Carter here. Israel agreed to withdraw from territory gained in the 1967 war as long as Egypt respected Israel's territories.
Rapid Deployment Force
quickly respond to crises anywhere in the world.
Panama Canal Treaty
return of the Panama Canal to the people and government of Panama
Ping Pong Diplomacy
It began when Chinese ping pong team invited the US team to play in China. First group of Americans allowed into China since the Communist takeover in 1949. Paved the way to a visit to Beijing by Nixon
Who ended Vietnam War?
speed limit of 55 MPH, Trans-Alaska pipeline, and other forms of energy were researched, cut consumption.
What did Nixon do to try to end America's dependence on foreign oil?
Who ordered school buses transportation?
Pardoned Nixon
Ford let Nixon "off the hook" for the things he did against the country while he was in office. No trails, no arrest and no guilt.
U.S. was suffering from 5.3% inflation and 6% unemployment. Refers to the unusual economic situation in which an economy is suffering both from inflation and from stagnation of its industrial growth
Clean Air Act
Designed to control air pollution. It requires the EPA to develop and enforce regulations to protect the public from air pollution known to be hazardous to human health
Clean Water Act
established the goals of eliminating releases of high amounts of toxic substances into water, eliminating additional water pollution, and ensuring that surface waters would meet standards necessary for human sports and recreation.
agency created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress
ensure that employers provide employees with an environment free from recognized hazards, such as exposure to toxic chemicals, excessive noise levels, mechanical dangers, heat or cold stress, or unsanitary conditions.
proposed amendment to the Constitution to guarantee equal rights for women
ailed to receive the requisite number of ratifications
era of relaxed tensions between the Soviet Union and China
Nuclear plants,solar panels, and wind power
What was Carter's approach to ending America's dependence on foreign energy?
Department of Education
added it to the Cabinet to acknowledge the changing role of the federal government in education.
Department of Energy
added it to the Cabinet to acknowledge the importance of energy conservation
Yom Kippur War
Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur on October 6, 1973. Israel counterattacked, won a decisive victory, and had even occupied portions of northern Egypt.
Off Gold Standard
Worried about inflation, Nixon imposed a 90-day wage freeze and then took the nation off the gold standard
Draft Dodgers
granted unconditional pardons to hundreds of thousands of men who had evaded the draft during the Vietnam War by fleeing the country or by failing to register
Ken State Riots
college kids at ken state attacked police
4 dead, lead to rubber/plastic bullets for riot control
Paris Peace Accords
ended Vietnam War
Silent Majority
the young people of America that were not hippies or yippies
War on Drugs
Drug Rehab programs
President of Chile assassinated by CIA under Nixon
lead military coup that assassinated Allende
Nixon-Kissinger policy
check Soviet expansion and limit the Soviet arms build-up.
Operation Eagle Claw
name for the Delta mission to rescue Iran Hostages
Nixon's 1st vice president
Philadelphia Plan
hiring on racial quotas
Six Day War
Israel responded to a blockade by Egypt, by launching attacks on Egypt. Won certain territories for defense.
Lead to oil embargo
25th Amendment
the president nominates a new VP and Congress decides.
New Federalism
Nixon's policy of giving the states greater responsibility for controlling welfare and other government programs