Theory Terms 2

A tempo
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Da Capo (D.C.)Return to the beginning of a pieceDal Segno (D.S.)Return to "The Sign"DecrescendoGradually get softer (e)DiminuendoGradually get softer (i)FermataHold the note until the conductor releases itFineThe endL'istesso TempoThe same speedLargoVery slow and dignifiedLegatoSmoothlyLentoSlowlyMeno mossoLess motion; less rapidlyPiu mossoMore motion; more rapidlyRallentandoSlow downRitardandoGradually slowerRitenutoSlow more suddenly and extremely than a ritardandoStaccatoSeparatedStringendoGradually speed up, usually with a crescendoTempo GiustoFitting or strict tempoTempo PrimoReturn to the first tempoVivaceQuick and lively