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The _ of modern business shows a network of information subsystems that exchange information with each other and with the world outside the system/

Information map

Thinking of an organization in terms of its suborganizations or subsystems called _ is a powerful management approach.

Systems Thinking

The main goals of _ systems are to increase the quality of customer service, reduce the amount of labor involved in serving customers, and learn as much as possible about the preferences of customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Business Intelligence Application systems access large pools of data,usually transactional records stored in large databases called _.

Data Warehouses

A _ is responsible for for the databases and data warehouses of an organization- a very sensitive and powerful position.

Database Administrator

An Information system consists of all the components that work together to _ data and produce information.


A person who holds the position of CIO must have both technical understanding of current and developing _ technologies and business knowledge.


The word strategy originates from the Greek word strategos, meaning _.


Growing web use for _ has pushed organizations to create alliances that would be unimaginable a few years ago.


On the Web, and obvious example of alliances is an _.

Affiliate program

The web has generated _ that would probably never be created offline.

Strategic alliances

A system can only help a company retain a competitive advantage if the company continuously modifies and enhances the system, creating a _ for competitors.

Moving Target

An operating system is the software program that mediates between any computer program and the _.


A company acheives _ by using strategy to maximize its strengths resulting in a competitive advantage.

Strategic Advantage

The essence of strategy is innovation, so _ is often gained when an organization tries a strategy that no one has tried before.

Competitive Advantage

Companies that are first to adopt advanced systems that reduce labor enjoy _ for as long as their competitors lag behind.

Competitive Advantage

The most important metric in the airline industry is _, which is how much it costs to fly a passenger one mile of the journey.

Cost per available seat mile (CASM)

In an enviroment where most information technology is available to all, _ that are originally developed to create a strategic advantage quickly become an expected standard business practice.

SIS (Strategic Information System)

Modern CRM systems can help capture the entire customer experience with an organization, from response to an online advertisement to automatic replenishment of products to proactive service.


_ defines the degree to which a goal is achieved.


_ is determined by the relationship between resources expended and the benefits gained in achieving a goal,


_ specifically refers to the efficiency of human resources.


CRM and supply chain management systems combined are often referred to as _.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems. (ERP)

MRP programs use _ to put long lead material on order.

long-range forecasts

The _ is an important input to MRP applications which includes a list of all raw materials and sub component demands.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Successful MRP II systems have made a significant contribution to _ manufacturing, where suppliers ship parts directly to assembly lines, saving the cost of warehousing raw materials, parts and sub-assemblies.

Just-in-time (JIT)

An _ tag includes the date of manufacturing, the plant in which the product was made, lot number, expiration date, destination and many other details that help track its movement and sale.

Electronic Product Code (EPC)

Mostly CRM systems support three areas _,sales and customer service.


The time between generating an idea for a product and completing a prototype that can be mass manufactured is known as engineering lead time, or _.

Time to Market

_ refers to creating one of a kind products to test design in three dimensions.

Rapid Prototyping.

The _ of a specific raw material is the optimal quantity that allows a business to minimize overstocking and save cost, without risking under stocking and missing production deadlines.

Economic Order Quantity (ECQ)

In retail, the manufacturing phase does not exist so the term _ refers only to purchasing of finished goods and the delivery to customers of those goods.

Supply Chain

The _ is the maximum number of bits that the control unit can fetch from primary memory in one machine cycle

data word

Two qualities to check when purchasing a laser or ink-jet printer are speed, measured in _,and density, measured in dots per inch (DPI).

pages per minute PPM

The most common computer-related type of _ is carpal tunnel syndrome


_ is the number of bits per second that the bus can accommodate.


In traditional programming, data and the operations to manipulate the data are kept separate from each other.


_ made programming somewhat easier because they aggregated common commands into "words", although many of those "words" are not English-like.

assembly languages

Higher level _ enable the use of English-like statements to accomplish a goal, and those statements are translated by special software into machine language.

programming languages

An increasing amount of software is developed using _.

Object oriented programming (OOP)

_ use a modular approach, which offers two great advantages: ease of maintenance

OOP languages

Programs designed to perform specific jobs, such as calculating and executing a company's payroll, are collectively called _.

application specific software

Netware and _ are popular network operating systems that are compatible with clients running DOS, all versions of Windows, and MAC OS.

Windows server

While operating systems are the most prevalent type of system software, other types of system programs include compilers and _, communications software, and utilities.


To accelerate their work, programmers can use one of several _, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Micro Focus COBOL, ASNA Visual RPG, and Visual C++.

visual programming languages

The main advantage of Java, JavaScript, and J2EE is that the code produced-often called _-can be executed well regardless of the operating system the computer uses.


Some Oss perform _ such as hardware diagnostics, file comparison, file sorting and the like.


When a communications medium can carry only one transmission at a time, it is know as _.


_ is a popular medium for connecting computers and networking devices because it is relatively flexible, reliable and low cost.

twisted pair cable

_ are high frequency radio waves that can carry signals over long distances with high accuracy.


In the _, the specialists transfer the transformed files to data warehouse.

loading phase

For some business needs you must use a _, a combination of two or more fields that together serve as a primary key, because it is impractical to use a single field as a primary key.

composite key

The relational model consists of _.


The designers of data warehouses must keep In mind _: the ability of the data warehouse to grow as the amount of data and the processing needs grow.


_ is known as a contention-based protocol, because devices on the network "contend" with other devices on the network for transmission time.


The proliferation of high-speed connection services, also called _, is mainly the result of businesses' and individuals rush to the Internet.

broadband services

_ allows reception at a much faster rate than transmission, that is, it is faster downstream than upstream.


The number next to a _ service refers to data speed in multiple of 51.84 Mbps, considered the base rate bandwidth.


T1 line is made up of _ channels of _ each.

24, 64

T3 line is made up of _ channels of _ each.

672, 64

To uncover the valuable information contained in their data, organizations must use software that can effectively _

data warehouses

If _ need to be used as one large data warehouse, special software tools can unify them and make them appear as on large data warehouse.

data marts

To link records from one table with records of another table, the tables must have at least one field in common, and that field must be a _ field for one of the tables.

primary key

A _ is the field by which records in a table are uniquely identified

primary key

To design a _, you need a clear idea of the different entities and how they relate.

relational database

A _ is the general logical structure in which records are stored within a database and the method used to establish relationships among the records.

database model

A collection of related records, such as all the records of a college's students, is called an _.


Three phases are involved in transferring data from a transactional database to a data warehouse: __,_,and _.

extracting, transforming, loading

The ability in object-oriented structures to create a new object automatically by replicating all or some of the characteristics of a previously developed object is called _.


The combined storage of both data and the procedures that manipulate the data is called _.


Each computer or device connected to a network must have an _ or proper networking circuitry, which connects through a cable or a wireless antenna to a hub, switch, bridge, or router, which in turn connects to a LAN or WAN.

Network Interface Card NIC

It is highly unusual to revise the project goal during the course of a project.


Some task durations are flexible in that they do not change according to the amount of resources applied.

FALSE (if they do not change, they are not flexible)

By providing for both estimated and firm durations, Project 2007 gives you the ability to quickly find and filter tasks with durations that are not firm


You can either set the Start date or the Finish date or both.


Task names generally start with a _____.


An estimated duration appears with a _______ after the duration.

question mark

Durations can be either:

firm or estimated

The people, equipment, or facilities (conference room) that need to be assigned to a task in order to complete it are called:


When you enter a task, Project enters a default estimated duration of

1 day

The ______ calendar is the base calendar used by Project to schedule new tasks within the project.


Working days appear _____ on the standard calendar.


Non working days appear _______ on the standard calendar.

light grey

Edited working hours appear ______ on the standard calendar

with grey diagonal lines

If you are using the _________ global template, your administrator has access to a template of holiays.


If a day of the week such as Monday or Tuesday is edited on the calendar, the day's abbreviation is _________.


If an individual day is edited, the day's number is


The __________ calendar specifies that Monday through Friday are working days with 8 hours of work completed each day.


By default, Project 2007 schedules recurring tasks based on the duration of the entire project.


As soon as you start installing hardware you can start documenting serial numbers; this relationship between two tasks is an example of a Finish to Finish task dependency type.


The default unit of measurement for duration is:

D (for day)

_______ refers to clock time rather than working time.


If you are not sure how long to enter for a task's duration and want to be reminded to study it later, enter a _______.

question mark

The abbreviation for elapsed minute is:


The abbreviation for elapsed month is


A ___________ has a zero duration.

A ___________ has a zero duration.

A ___________ has a zero duration.


A milestone is a________ on the Gantt chart.

black diamond

Examples of _______ are completing an important deliverable, such as completing an office installation, completing training, etc.


In order to use important project management techniques such as critical path analysis, you must determine task ___________.


The critical path is always a series of critical tasks; it cannot be a single task


The Gantt chart uses ____bars to represent the new schedule for the leveled task.


Filtering tasks in Project is considerably different from filtering used in other programs like Access or Excel.


When a filter is applied in any view, the filter is simultaneously applied to all other views.


Filters delete tasks that do not meet the filter criteria.


The critical path determines the ______ the project can be completed.


For the ________ filter, you enter two parameters: one to specify criteria for the start or finish after date and one to specify the before date.

date range

Filtering in the network diagram is almost exactly the same as filtering in Gantt Chart view, except that you cannot use the ________ option.

auto filter

___________ lag time always allows the tasks to overlap, regardless of whether the project is scheduled from a given Start or Finish date.


____________ can extend the overall time to complete a project because they minimize or eliminate some of Project's ability to freely move the scheduled Start and Finish dates of individual tasks.


One way to define the critical path is that it consists of those tasks having a float of ____


Float is also called __________

total slack

When you view the network diagram, critical tasks are displayed in __________


The critical path changes if tasks on the critical path are completed ahead of or behind schedule.


______ help you focus your attention on specific aspects of the project based on different criteria.


Project 2007 involves many built in filters, available using the Filter list arrow on the __________toolbar.


The _______ filter filters out all tasks not currently on the critical path


To remove a filter, click the Filter list arrow and chose the _______ option

All Tasks

___________is the default constraint for tasks that are entered into a project with an assigned start date.

As soon as possible

___________ is the default constraint for tasks that are entered into a project with an assigned finish date.

as late as possible

Project 2007 places an icon in the indicators column for any constraint other than__________

As soon as possible OR as late as possible

If the project is scheduled from a Start date and you enter a Finish date into the entry table, Project 2007 will apply this constraint type to the task:

Finish no earlier than

If the project is scheduled from a Finish date and you enter a Finish date into the entry table, Project 2007 will apply this constraint type to the task:

Finish no later than

If the project is scheduled from a Start date ad you unter a Start date into the entry table, Project will apply this constraint type to the task:

start no later than

If the project is scheduled from a Finish date and you enter a Start date into the Entry table for a task, Project will apply this constraint type to the task:

Start no later than

Total work is calculated based on the initial resource assignment and is not recalculated when the task duration changes.


Total slack is a synonym for free slack.

FALSE! (total = amount of time that a task can be delayed w/o messing up the finish date, free = amount of time that a task can be delayed without delaying any successor tasks.)

For a task to be critical, total slack must be 0

For a task to be critical, total slack must be 0


________scheduling assumes that adding additional resources redistributes the work and changes the duration.

effort driven

How is an overallocated resource shown in the Gantt chart?

yellow diamond with exclamation point

Any positive value in the Total Slack field makes a task _______


The Gantt chart uses ____bars to represent the schedule for the preleveled task


When you click the _______ button in the Resource Leveling dialog box, you have the choice of either leveling the Entire pool of resources or Selected resources.

Level Now

In Resource Usage view, resources in ______ are overallocated.


By default, the______table is applied to the Resource Sheet view.


_____ is a choice in the Type field of the Resource sheet


In Resource Sheet view, the Entry Table's ___________field automatically displays small icons to represent various conditions about the resource.


In Resource Sheet view, the Entry Table's _______field containes the one time cost per use for a single resource of the given type.


In Resource Sheet view, the Entry Table's ________field determines when the costs associated with a resource will be applied to any task to which it is assigned.

Accrue at

In Resource Sheet view, the Entry Table's _______ field contains any code, number, or abbreviation that you want to enter to help identify that resource


In Resource Sheet view, a _____icon means that a resource needs to be leveled.

exclamation point

Resource Usage view is similar to _______view.

task usage

Meetings and seminars should have ________durations.


Tasks are, by default, ________driven.


Before resources are assigned, work equals _____ in the W = DxU


In Resource Sheet view, resources with associated hourly costs are _____types


In Resource Sheet view, resources such as supplies are ________types


By default, the Max Units field is ______.


If a resource entry represents 2 people the Max Units on the Resource Sheet will be_____.


3 choices are available for the _________field in Resource Sheet view: start, prorated, end.

Accrue at

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