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  1. Hydrogen Bomb
  2. Control Rods
  3. Hydroelectric Energy
  4. Cooling Tower
  5. Critical Mass
  1. a the minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction
  2. b Neutron absorbing material that slows the chain reaction
  3. c electrical energy produced by the flow of water
  4. d tower in which the extremely high temperature steam (from the light water plant design) is cooled and condensed back into water to be reused
  5. e A bomb developed in the 50's. this bomb uses uncontrolled nuclear fusion to release massive amounts of energy. Detonated by first detonating the Atomic Bomb

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  1. Reactor using fuel/control rods to create heat, used to make steam to eventually spin a turbine
  2. the process by which the nucleus of a heavy atom splits into two or more fragments; the process releases nuetrons and energy
  3. an accident in a nuclear reactor where the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core
  4. The part in the containment building where the fuel rods come together to begin the chain reaction, and where the control rods are placed in between the fuel rods to slow the chain reactions
  5. solar cells which convert the sun's energy into electrical energy

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  1. Geothermal Energyenergy produced by heat from the earth


  2. Nuclear FuelPlant material, manure or any other organic matter that is used as an energy source


  3. High Level Radioactive WasteGives off low levels of ionizing radiation for a shorter time period, requires safe storage for 100 to 500 yrs


  4. GeneratorThe ability to do Work


  5. TurbinesDevice that converts mechanical energy into electricity by spinning a copper coil inside a magnetic field