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  1. Law of Conservation of Energy
  2. Containment Building
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. Fuel
  5. Meltdown
  1. a a chemical reaction or other process in which the products themselves promote or spread the reaction, which under certain conditions may accelerate dramatically.
  2. b Energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can change form
  3. c A substance from which energy is formed
  4. d the part in a light water plant design where the reactor vessel, steam generator and back-up cooling water are held
  5. e an accident in a nuclear reactor where the fuel overheats and melts the reactor core

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  1. A turbine powered by wind mills, this is an alternative or renewable energy source
  2. an unstable, fissionable isotope of uranium
  3. a device that converts the kinetic energy captured by a turbine into electrical enrgy
  4. energy produced by heat from the earth
  5. fuels created from fissionable material

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  1. Subcritical Massthe minimum amount of radioactive material necessary for a chain reaction


  2. High Level Radioactive WasteWaste which gives off high amounts of ionizing radiation for a short time and, lower amounts for a long time, requires safe storage for 240,000 yrs


  3. Nuclear Reactorfuels created from fissionable material


  4. Hydrogen BombA bomb developed in the 1940's by the US, uses critical mass of U-235 or plutonium to create uncontrolled chain reaction (fission) which releases massive amounts of energy, which causes catastrophic destruction


  5. Hydroelectric Energyenergy produced by heat from the earth