Systems of the Human Body

Systems of the Body and their function
Cardiovascular System
Responsible for blood circulation. Utilizes the heart, arteries, and veins.
Digestive System
Breaks down food and absorbs nutrients.
Endocrine System
Responsible for communications through the use of hormones.
Urinary System
Produces, stores, and expels urine.
Immune System
Defends the body from pathogens.
Integumentary System
Physically protects the body from damage. Includes hair, skin, nails, etc.
Lymphatic System
A network of conduits that transports interstitial fluid.
Muscular System
Responsible for Movement.
Nervous System
Collects, transfers, and processes information utilizing nerves and the brain.
Reproductive System
Responsible for producing offspring
Respiratory System
Responsible for taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide using the lungs.
Skeletal System
Provides structural support for the body