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Handout 1/25/10. provides the code for the following.

inittial office visit, 25-year-old male, with boil on back: physician took a brief history , performed a limited examination of the back, and there were little risk of complications and minimal treatment options.


office visit, established patient is a 67-year-old female, with controlled diabetes mellitus, complaining of lack of sensation in her feet, expanded problem-focused history and examination


first hospital visit, admitting physician, comprehensive history, examination, and moderate decision making


initial office consultation; detailed history and examination, low complexity medical decision making


annual comprehensive physical examination for 11-year-old new patient


medical disability examination by physician employed by state


hospital visit to previously admitted patient, problem-focused history and examination, 10 minutes spent at bedside


emergency department service for patient following a car accident; comprehensive history and examination, highly complex decision making


discharge of patient from nursing home, 45 minute encounter


home visit for established patient, straightforward case, problem-focused examination


first visit to provide consultation on hospitalized patient, minor problems, brief visit


direction of EMS care


one hour of critical care


subsequent care of critically ill and unstable infant, 25 days old, in intensive care


subsequent care for new patient in a long -term care facility; patient regaining movement and has an excellent prognosis


supervision of hospice patient care (25 minuted spent in one month)


55--minute medical conference, with other health care providers, related to the patient's overall care


one-hour physician attendance as standby during delivery; mother has uncontrolled diabetes mellitus


brief telephone call by physician to patient


75 minutes of group counseling for risk-factor reduction

99414 x 2

newborn care provided on parents' home


comprehensive annual examination for established 65-year-old patient


primary care physician sends a patient to a cardiologist for an evaluation of a complicated vascular problem; during the hour-long encounter, the specialist performs a comprehensive history and examination, and follows up the visit with a written report to the PCP: MDM was moderate


thoracic surgeon provides a second opinion on the appropriateness of a single bypass procedure as requested by a third-party payer; a detailed history and examination are obtained; MDM is of low complexity

99243 - 32

during an annual physical examination, a 45-year-old established patient complains of general tiredness and severe shortness of breath during mild activity; physician performs a detailed cardiovascular assessment with additional detailed history; following complex MDM, the physician also schedules an immediate heart study

99214 - 25, 99396

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