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French 1 Semester 1 Unit 1 Lesson 7

French 1 Semester 1 Unit 1 Lesson 7 La Classe
Voici la salle de classe.
Here is the classroom.
il y a une porte.
There is a door.
il y a un tableau
There is a chalkboard.
il y a une fenêtre.
There is a window.
il y a de la craie.
There is some chalk.
il y a une gomme.
There is an eraser.
il y a un crayon.
There is a pencil.
il y a beaucouop de papiers.
There is a lot of papers.
il y a un bureau.
There is a desk.
il y a un professeur.
There is a teacher.
il y a une élève.
There is a student (female).
il y a un cahier.
There is a notebook.
il y a un stylo.
There is a pen.
il y a un examen.
There is an exam.
il y a une affiche.
There is a poster.
il y a un livre.
There is a book.
il y a une chaise.
There is a chair.
le nom
the name
the (masculine)
the (feminine)
a (masculine)
a (feminine)
la feuille de papier
the sheet of paper
je comprends
I understand.
le prof
the teacher (masculine and abbreviated)
la prof
the teacher (feminine and abbreviated)
le professeur
the teacher