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  1. Dendrite
  2. What does a motor neuron do?
  3. What part sends the information on its way?
  4. Integration
  5. Axon
  1. a The axon
  2. b one of the "arms" of a neuron that reaches out in many directions and gathers information
  3. c A function of the brain that sorts and processes information, making it understandable and usable
  4. d It sends information from the brain or spinal cord to the muscles and organs of the body, telling them what to do.
  5. e The part of the neuron that transmits information from the nucleus to the different parts of the body

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  1. The part of the neuron that contains the nucleus and receives information from the dendrites
  2. The system that operates through hormones to coordinate and control many of the activities that go on in your body
  3. Bundles of neural axons running together. They gather information from inside and outside the body and send it to the brain. They also carry commands from the brain to the body
  4. The dendrite
  5. The condition that occurs when all of the systems in your body are working together to maintain a stable, healthy condition

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  1. Thyroid GlandThe gland that helps the body's defense system by producing hormones responsible for the development of a certain type of white blood cell


  2. SynapseThe very tiny space between the axon terminal of one neuron and the dendrite of another


  3. NeurotransmittersThe most important cells in the nervous system. They receive, store and process information, as well as send messages throughout the body


  4. BrainstemChemicals produced in your glands and which are messengers. These chemicals travel through the blood stream telling cells or organs what to do and when to do it


  5. Name the three parts of the brain we discussed.It makes and releases hormones to control activities in the body.