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  1. blood
  2. gluteus maximus
  3. What are the three kinds of muscle tissue in your body?
  4. What things did we discuss that help muscles move?
  5. flexor muscles
  1. a Glucose, oxygen, vitamins and minerals
  2. b these muscles close the joint; bending at the joint
  3. c Skeletal, smooth and cardiac
  4. d largest muscle in the body that connects the femur and the pelvic girdle
  5. e a special substance that carries nutrients throughout your body

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  1. the strongest muscle in body which allows humans to open and close their mouths
  2. strands of protein that are found in each muscle fiber
  3. By elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes or more several times a week
  4. Blood vessels, stomach, intestines, and bladder
  5. part of the sleep cycle where your eyes move a lot; there is high brain activity and relaxation of the large muscles

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  1. atrophya special substance that carries nutrients throughout your body


  2. Which of those muscle kinds are voluntary and which are involuntary?Mitochondria


  3. antagonistic musclesfound in the heart; involuntary muscles


  4. biceps brachiimuscle on the bottom of the upper arm


  5. tendonitisstrong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles