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  1. masseter
  2. rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep)
  3. biceps brachii
  4. filaments
  5. Name two places in your body where you find smooth muscles
  1. a the strongest muscle in body which allows humans to open and close their mouths
  2. b part of the sleep cycle where your eyes move a lot; there is high brain activity and relaxation of the large muscles
  3. c Blood vessels, stomach, intestines, and bladder
  4. d even thinner strips of cells inside the myofibrils
  5. e muscle on the top of the upper arm

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  1. largest muscle in the body that connects the femur and the pelvic girdle
  2. pairs of muscles that work together so that when one muscle contracts, the other relaxes; they pull in opposite directions
  3. a disease which begins with the masseter tightening and preventing the jaw from opening; it is also called lockjaw
  4. Skeletal muscles are voluntary smooth and cardiac are involuntary.
  5. Mitochondria

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  1. voluntary musclesthese muscles close the joint; bending at the joint


  2. How do you keep your cardiac muscles strong?By elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes or more several times a week


  3. What are antagonistic muscles?Muscles that work opposite of each other.


  4. What do muscles need to grow?Partial contraction of your muscles throughout the day.


  5. striationsthe stripes in skeletal muscles