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  1. rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep)
  2. What things did we discuss that help muscles move?
  3. What do muscles need to grow?
  4. cardiac muscles
  5. What are tendons?
  1. a part of the sleep cycle where your eyes move a lot; there is high brain activity and relaxation of the large muscles
  2. b Glucose, oxygen, vitamins and minerals
  3. c Protein and exercise
  4. d The tough fibers that connect your skeletal muscles to your bones.
  5. e found in the heart; involuntary muscles

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  1. when muscles are partially contracted
  2. these muscles have no striations or stripes; they can be found in blood vessels, stomach, intestines or bladder
  3. these muscles open the joint wider; straightening at the joint
  4. when voluntary muscles move automatically without you consciously thinking about it
  5. Skeletal, smooth and cardiac

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  1. skeletal musclesattach to bones and allow you to move


  2. myofibrilsthe stripes in skeletal muscles


  3. paralyzedwhen a person is unable to move a part of their body


  4. triceps brachiimuscle on the bottom of the upper arm


  5. What are antagonistic muscles?Muscles that work opposite of each other.