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  1. filaments
  2. muscle tone
  3. What do muscle cells have a lot of that give them energy?
  4. tendonitis
  5. What things did we discuss that help muscles move?
  1. a a painful occurrence when tendons get inflamed from overuse
  2. b Glucose, oxygen, vitamins and minerals
  3. c Mitochondria
  4. d when muscles are partially contracted
  5. e even thinner strips of cells inside the myofibrils

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  1. Muscles that work opposite of each other.
  2. muscles you can control by thinking about it
  3. Partial contraction of your muscles throughout the day.
  4. when voluntary muscles move automatically without you consciously thinking about it
  5. strong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles

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  1. triceps brachiimuscle on the bottom of the upper arm


  2. biceps brachiimuscle on the top of the upper arm


  3. Which of those muscle kinds are voluntary and which are involuntary?Skeletal muscles are voluntary smooth and cardiac are involuntary.


  4. striationsstrong, flexible fibers that attach bones to skeletal muscles


  5. skeletal musclesthese muscles close the joint; bending at the joint