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  1. Osteoblasts
  2. Collagen
  3. Rib Cage
  4. Can you name at least five other bones in your body by their scientific names?
  5. Ligaments
  1. a The tough fiber that makes up part of the bone.
  2. b The cells that make new bones.
  3. c The bones that protect your heart and lungs.
  4. d ...
  5. e The tissues that connect one bone to another bone.

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  1. Bones of the spinal column
  2. This is the kind of bone marrow in which blood cells are made.
  3. Thick, hard layer of bone under the periosteum.
  4. The bones of your skull that protect your brain.
  5. The bone cells that eat away at the spongy layer, causing your bones to get wider.

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  1. What is the bone tissue that forms tunnels and pores called?The cranium


  2. Can you name at least one kind of joint?Hinge joint
    Ball and socket joint
    Saddle joint
    Sliding joint
    Pivot joint
    Ellipsoidal joint


  3. Spinal ColumnThe row of bones called vertebrae in the middle of the back that contains and protects the spinal cord.


  4. Where are the smallest bones in your body found?In the ear


  5. What do ligaments do?They hold the bones together


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