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  1. Skull
  2. Sutures
  3. Periosteum
  4. Can you name at least one kind of joint?
  5. What mineral makes compact bone strong and hard?
  1. a Joints that do not move.
  2. b Hinge joint
    Ball and socket joint
    Saddle joint
    Sliding joint
    Pivot joint
    Ellipsoidal joint
  3. c The outside layer of a bone: a thin, tough membrane.
  4. d Calcium
  5. e The group of bones that make up your head.

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  1. They give you form and hold you up, they protect organs, they make blood cells, they store minerals and fats, and they help you move.
  2. Small, round bones that are often found in the hands and feet; the largest is the patella.
  3. Bones of the fingers and toes
  4. The layer of bone under the compact bone. It is a network of pores and tunnells interconnected in a pattern that makes the bone strong yet resilient.
  5. Spongy bone

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  1. OsteoclastsThe cells that make new bones.


  2. VertebraeBones of the spinal column


  3. What are the two kinds of bone marrow?Red bone marrow and yellow bone marrow


  4. Which is the longest bone in your body?The femur


  5. What is the rounded part of your skull called?The cranium