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7 grade midterm


when archaeologists dig up artifacts for information


mountains rivers valleys islands...

iroquois confedercy

scoom: seneca cauga oneida onadoga mohawk

6th nation in the IC


adapting to enviroment

using recources from the enviroment to live

european exploration

explorers wanted to find the northwest passage

effects of european exploration

trade, new technology, new land, columbian exchange

columbian exchange

cocoa, tobacco, diseases

new> old world

gold silver tobacco corn potatoes pineapples tomatoes vanilla chocolate syphilis

old> new world

wheat sugar rice coffee horses cows pigs smallpox diphtheria bubonic plague measles influenza typhus scarlet fever

plank house

northwest coast

pit house

northwest plateau




great basin




great plains



wattle and daub house



people of the great mountain, keepers of the western gate


people of the great swamp or great pipe


fire keepers and people of the hills


people of the standing stone


keepers of the easterngate and shirt wearing people


made solar calender


made roads


made the 365 day calender


symbol, people, action, meaning

new england colonies

sortest growing season, industrial economy, puritans and separatists

middle colonies

mixed economy, quakers

southern colonies

longest growing season, cash crops, triangular trade, agricultural economy, plantation farming, slave labor


people who wanted a seperate church


people who wanted to remain members of the church of england



french and indian war

france and great britian both want control of territory in north america fighting erupts in 1753

causes of the american revolution

the stamp act, the townshend act, boston massacre, tea act, intolerable acts, proclamation of 1763


the study of races, physical and mental characteristics and customs of people


the study of the production distribution and the use of goods and services along with the related problems of labor finance and taxation


the study of the surface of the earth, its division into continents and countries and the climate plants animals natural recources and people


the study of mans past including an explanation of why enents happend

political science

the study of politics and government agencies and how they work


the study of the development and interaction of human beings with eachother

join or die

ben franklin

who and when the declaration of independence

thomas jefferson 1776

the olive branch

symbol of peace

declaration of independence part 2

all men are born equal all men have certian rights that cannot be taken away.. right to live be free and enjoy life (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness)

declaration of independence part 1

preamble over all explaning intro

declaration of independence part 3

rights why governments are formed the sorce of governments power the people the basic righsts what must be done when government fails to secure these rights

declaration of independence part 4


thomas paine wrote

common sence

common sence

a phamphlet by thomas paine telling colonists they should seperate from britian

french and indian war

1754-1763 the war that took place on four continents involving the french indians and the british war lasted 7 years

proclamation of 1763

1763 british said no settlement to the west

sugar act

1764 english taxed sugar and molasses

stamp act

1765 english taxed all paper products

quartering act

1765 colonists has to feed and house british soldiers

boston massacre

1770 english soldiers fired in a crowd killing 5 innocent colonists

tea act

1773 english taxed tea

intolerable acts

1774 king george III punished the colonists for dumpinf tea into the boston harbor by closing the harbor

boston tea party

1773 colonists boycott the tea act

albany plan of union

drawing of a snake ben franklin drew of all of the colonies coming together to form a strong snake saying "join or die"

land bridge theory

first proposed in 1590-1930 a bridge of land going from asia to america that nomads (hunter gatherers) crossed to follow their animals


developing a new colony by taking over land

primary source

first hand source ex: diary

secondary source

second hand source ex: textbook

triangular trade

a system in which goods and slaves were traded amony americas, britian, and africa


political (government) ecomonic (taxes trade money) geographic (weather landforms) social (people religion education)

Virgina house of Burgesses

the first assembly of elected representives


moving and settling into a new place

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