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cell membrane



Transverse Tubules

have openings in sarcolemma; contain intercellular fluid; go into muscle cells like tunnels

Sarcoplasmic Reticulum

Specialized ET; has cisternae


chambers encirling myofibrils; filled with Ca


T Tubule sandwiched between cisternae


provide chemical energy in the form of ATP


100's to 1000's per cell; cylidrical (1-2 mm in diameter); attached to sarcolemma at each end; contraction shortens entire cell; made of myofilaments (protein fibers); 2 types actin and myosin


thinner; have active sites


thicker; head pivots


smalles fuctional unit of contraction; from Z line to Z line

A Band

where myosin is; dArk band

I Band

where myosin isnt; light band

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