Characteristics of a Tragedy

This set has seven characteristics of what makes up a Tragedy.
Unhappy End
Main character comes to unhappy end
Important in Society
Hero is usually some one important in society
Extraordinary Abilities
Tragic hero exhibits extraordinary abilities but also a tragic flaw, a fatal error in judgment or weakness of character, that leads directly to his or her downfall
Outside Forces/Antagonist
Outside forces may also contribute to the hero's downfall. If so, the person or force w/ whom the hero battles is the antagonist
Related Events
Series of casually related events lead inevitably to the catastrophe, or tragic resolution. This final stage of the plot usually involves death of hero, other characters might be affected
Audience's Sympathy
Tragic hero usually recognizes his/her tragic flaw by the end + gains audience's sympathy
Meets Doom
Meets doom w/ courage + dignity